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Thursday, August 30, 2007

~Hapi Birthday To J!..~

Ooi! It's my Birthday la~~ Yes, my Birthday ok? Haha! It's 3008!! Ya, I noe.. If I could bear for another few hours in my mum's belly back to 25 years ago.. Then I would be a Merdeka Boy~ But now.. Sorry la ya~ =P

Anyway, it's my 25th Years-Old Birthday.. So, I wanna wish myself..

Happy Birthday!! Selamat HariJadi!!

I wish all my WISHES come true! Wahahahaha~ =P

P/s: Thanks to Blur^Sand for her special post for me! So touching.. Hehe!

Pic Courtesy from Blur^Sand..


Jason Siah
9.39am 30th August 2007


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