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Friday, August 03, 2007

~We are all Ex-Staff of AOE lu..~

It has been such a long time since the last one we met each other.. But this round.. More good news.. Now, we are all Ex-Staffs of AOE!!! Yoohoo~~ Cammie, the only one who still stayed in AOE last few months had got a new job for herself at last! Now working in MidValley.. And this has concluded that ALL of us are ex-staffs of AOE already.. Why do I need to repeat this so many times? Ex-Staffs of AOE.. Cos.. I feel so lucky to get out from there.. I feel so happy for all of them bcos they also could get out from that "ghost place"!! Haha~ This time we met @ The Prince Cafe.. New restaurant opened in MidValley.. Can try it out cos the food there really not bad..

I reached there the earliest as I off @ 5pm that Friday.. Sitting there alone without doing anything, I ordered the above Pizza & drink.. The pizza tastes really good.. And the drink.. I still prefer KimGary's "nai cha" and "yin yong".. Hehe~ Cammie came after I finished the whole Pizza.. *#&$*@ Haha! Then DaiLou's turn.. Followed by Danny & Professor Kuan.. Last but not least.. Sandy Dai Ga Jie.. Hehe!! We all had a nice time chatting together.. Eating and talking rubbish.. + Gossipping as well.. Then care about each other lately life and work condition.. It's kinda relaxing and happy to have chance like this and gather together with bunch of friends.. It's just so enjoyable~ We are definitely looking forward to the next one very soon! =D

Let's update 1 by One.. As I mentioned earlier.. Congratulations to Cammie.. At last, she got herself a new job.. No matter how bad it is now.. I think it's BETTER than in AOE.. Gambateh.. Dai Ga Jie Sandy.. Still Blur Blur.. Haha.. But she is the Boss.. Something like CEO if I am not mistaken.. Of her own business.. Hehe! Wish your business "shang yi heng loong" and u can earn alot lor.. Hehe~

As for Prof Kuan.. He is still the same.. Always tell COLD JOKES de.. Never changed.. Wahahaha! But still, very knowledgable la.. Prof wor! Hehe.. He is now working in IT line and still active in his MLM business~ DaiLou leh.. He is now working in Manjalara.. Seems not too happy la~ Haha.. But hope he will be doing fine as well.. Just beh tahan him one thing.. He said AOE is better after he resigned from there.. Yew~ What's wrong with you?! =P

The last but not the least.. The very "malu" and "diam" de Danny gor gor.. Not even wanna show his face while taking pic.. Ish.. Haha! He is still working in Cineleisure.. Seems not bad.. And thank u very much for the free tix of Invisible Target!!!!! Luckily I asked him first, if not, I wont be getting it.. Haha! Cos he only has 2.. Thanks!!

And now.. We have to wait for another gathering lor.. It's really cool to meet up with ex-colleagues actually.. Eventhough we are no longer working together.. But we have the same experience in the same company at the same time.. It's very worthy to memorize all those sweet and sour moments.. Wish all of u well always.. Bhappy.. =D

Jason Siah
3rd August 2007


  • At 3:29 PM, Blogger Blur^Sand said…

    wahahahaha!!! danny so funny... the face almost stick with the mee... hahahaha~~~ thanks jason... for posting this... make me feel so gan dong~~ really happy to be with u guys! btw,... pls email me all the photos ler? ok? thanks ya!

  • At 12:33 PM, Blogger 無名火 said…

    walowye! Jason, who told u that l'm not HAPPY with currently job? MKH!..... but, if u guys got any lobangs also can let me know anyway....... haha! We live for better life what! thanks for posting this too....

    Don;t talk so much, just arrange for next gathering, okie?

  • At 6:09 PM, Blogger thej said…

    Yalor.. He really pemalu de lor.. Haha.. But must thank him for the 2 free tix lor! Wahahahaha~ Luckily I asked first.. LoL Email u the pic?? Or i upload to multiply then u guys download urself k? Hehe.. =D

    U HAPPY ar? Sorry ar! I thought not Happy ma~ wah~ MKH oso u wanna invite out here meh? lol

    Next Gathering? Da ga jie is planning already.. hahahahaha!


  • At 9:34 AM, Anonymous Kuan said…


  • At 1:09 AM, Blogger Crayn Tay said…

    haha 原來sandy blursand 是你以前的同事。你們以前的公司是AEO?


  • At 11:56 AM, Blogger thej said…

    What is tat? hahaha!

    Yup.. We are ex-coll.. Now friends lor.. Ya.. That's our previous company..

    As for tis question: 很恐怖的?Er.. No comment.. LoL



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