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Sunday, August 12, 2007

~Surprise for Kk Wong.. Slim Kk..~

Surprised!!! And yes, he was really SHOCKED to see the cake~ hehe! We didn't really plan for this birthday celebration.. All we have been planning was like usual.. A dinner which we all can gather and spend time together~ Found out that we have a great number of ppl who can join for this time dinner and of course, Kk can make it this time as well.. So, I have this idea to give him a surprise! Hehe.. We went to Chillis @ Midvalley this time.. We really do not know where to go for dinner in MidValley anymore la.. Always KimGary KimGary~ Too boring.. LoL So, this time.. Suggested by the birthday boi himself.. We make it happened of course!

Sorry to those that reached there early and booked the waiting list for others.. I believe that u guys have waited for quite some time.. Really sorry.. We cant do much on that as you guys know.. They is no Reservation can be made.. We have to wait.. Just have to.. =P Luckily, we still managed to get ourselves a table for 13 of us!! Hehe.. So tat, we do not need to separate ourselves and we can 'party' together! Really glad that almost all of us could make it this time.. This really makes the celebration even more perfect for KK.. I believe he appreciates it very much~ Don't you KK? Hehe..

We enjoyed ourselves very much chatting together and of course, in Chillis.. Eat together~ We ordered among few of us and shared the food as the food there is really really in BIG portion~ When all the food was served on the table.. We all just grab whichever that we like.. It's just like buffet dinner! Haha.. It was so fun and exciting.. We had our wonderful time tasting the nice food there.. With the bottomless drinks and chips of course!~ As well as "bottomless" chitchatting~ Hahaha!! And camwhore session!!!! We have the superstar, KK Wong.. Surely, we must take more pictures with him la wei!!!

Happy Family Pictures that we had that nite were really good.. Our smiles.. Expression.. Mood.. Everything is in very good mode.. Hehe.. I just like it so much~ Maybe bcos it has been such a long time we never seen Kk.. So, we are extra excited that nite.. In fact, Kk is busy entertaining all of us as well.. He has to.. Hahaha!! Must take care of everyone of us de ma rite? =P

Last but not the least, wish Kk Wong.. Happy Birthday and Wishes Come True~ I believe 1 of his wishes has already come true~ Which is to get slimmer~ Look at him!! He is now no more Fat Kk lor.. Slim Kk.. Hehe! Really shocked us ga~ When he reached.. Our 1st statement was "Wow! You are so slim ar!!" & 1st question was "How come you so slim now geh?"... Don believe me? Look at the pic above urself lor.. Hehe! =P

Shang Yat Fai Lok wor Kk Wong..

Jason Siah
5.21pm 12th August 2007


  • At 12:38 AM, Blogger Crayn Tay said…

    actually i also dunno where can eat in mid valley..tht time i back kl...almost one n half yr i din meet with my course mate after i graduated...

    then gathering in mid valley... dunno go where eat... so lastly eat in nando's//

    this gang is who?? ur colleuge??

    not ur soloBIES wow...

  • At 6:41 PM, Blogger thej said…

    MidValley? OMG~ I almost tried all the food here.. haha.. Just kidding.. Actually, u hv quite a lot of choices here.. IF you are not a frequent visitor here in MidValley.. Hehe.. Next time when u come KL, let me noe.. We go MV makan makan! haha!

    This Gang? KK's Gang lor.. wakakaka!



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