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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

~Steamboat Session with SoLoBies..~

Steamboat dinner called by our self-declared President of Steamboat session, Bai.. Initially, we planned to have this steamboat session @ Juit's house.. So that besides than eating, we still can chat more comfortably.. We also can sing K @ Juit Box as well as have a 'dou'.. Everything has been confirmed till the dinner day.. I received call from Juit himself..

Juit: Eh, do u guys really MUST come to my house?
J: Er.. I guess so.. Why ar?
Juit: Hehe.. Cos I havent bought the "liew"..

So, ended up, we had our steamboat session @ HouHou Steamboat, Kota Damansara branch~ And.. What is "liew".. Means the FOOD.. The material for our Steamboat~ Yes, he din buy it~ Funny this Juit~ Wanna have steamboat but dint buy the food.. Minum sup saje pun tak boleh la?? hahaha..

Anyway, it's still syiok and nice to have this steamboat session for our KL branch~ wahaha! SoLoBies KL Branch la.. This is actually the 2nd time I been here @ HouHou Steamboat.. The 1st time was with Juit & Ken~ I like the soup and chili sauce here.. As for the food.. Not much varieties actually.. But of course, still.. Some of the specialty here can cover back the lack of the varieties la~ =P For example, 'hoi sin tau fu'.. Fish.. Fuzhuk~ =P

I wished to take a lot of pic for this Steamboat session as well just like how we camwhore in Genting for Show Mi ConCert.. So, very gen-cheongly I charged my camera battery lo.. Dim zhi.. I was stupid enough to just bring along ONLY the Camera but not the batt!!! >.<''' So stupid! I mean me la of course.. So, all the pic taken on that nite was by my charming K550i~ =P

We had great time makan makan @ HouHou Steamboat.. And very happy that our Lovely JingYee Mummy & Weng Daddy joined the dinner.. She has been pregnant for about 5 months now.. Really happy and excited for them! And all the SoLoBies are very looking forward to her baby bcos this is the 1st SoLoBies baby ever!!!! Really really 'bu gan xiang xin' that SoLoBies 1st Baby is going to be borned the end of this year!! Yippie!! =P

Okok.. After the dinner, we went for 2nd round cos not enough ma.. Hehe~ We walked around the area and we found out only got 1 place could sit down and have a nice chat~ Which is.. Forgot the name la.. Paiseh~ Smth Kopitiam also la~ haha! Then we ordered some drink and guess what? We found out the Block Game there so we started to play~ At start, we played as usual.. Normal Block Game but suddenly we felt boring with normal game and started with SoLoBies style~ Claire started the game first.. Saying wat 1 block ON another block~~ Quite "wuliao" but we really enjoyed very much~ Haha..

This is really an exciting and happy nite.. I really like this kind of gathering.. Eventhough short yet enjoyable enough~ Nothing to be celebrated but it's just to gather~ Very much appreciation for everyone who attended~ I really love you guys so much.. Coming post is about our beloved Mimi's birthday celebration.. Another wonderful gathering~ Till then, CIAO~ Me just back from Transformer!!! Cool man~ Okie.. It's late.. Goodnite..

Not forgetting to share with you guys.. The SoLoBies video clip.. 3 clips say it all.. Enjoy.. =P

Jason Siah
6th July 2007


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    对啊!我都很喜欢这一斑好朋友..他们就好像我的兄弟姐妹一样啦!而且大家都很疯狂的~所以才可以那么ngam key啊!哈哈!没有特别的日子。。就是爽爽去吃咯!


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