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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

~Beloved Mimi's Birthday..~

Another year has gone and it's time for our beloved YarChing aka MiMi's birthday celebration again!! Still fresh in my mind the celebration of her birthday last year.. It was a surprise plan~ In a VIP room of the restaurant that JingYee mummy having her wedding dinner~ We had our very crazy time there and in the room itself, we fat tin like usual until the waiter also feel scared of us~ LoL And this time, we do not have much surprise to think about.. But still, we are having the same crazy and memorable time together in Neway, One U.. After all, singing K is one of our strongest activities! And this time we have most of the SoLoBies joining.. Just left out Joel, ShehWay & JingYee mummy.. But I brought Alex over as well..

Very happy and excited to see AhNui, Joce again!! Such a long time since the last one we met.. It was during my training in Singapore~ OMG! Lama sial~ And really thrilled to spend time with her again~ What a wonderful moment with SoLoBies.. We had nice time eating and singing in Neway.. Well, nothing much we could do right? Haha.. As usual, we sing and dance.. On the sofa~ Crazy.. Sampat.. Yelling.. Jumping.. As I said.. Nothing much we could do.. Ya Right~ Wahahaha!

Of course, we also added some spices into that nite activities.. Haha.. we sang and act together.. Really sampat lor.. But we all enjoyed being sampat.. We as well sang the song with just one sentence.. "wo bu gan xiang xin".. For the entire song, we onli sang this sentence.. Wahahaha~ I think only SoLoBies could have done this well.. Juit & Joce have even more "mo qi" that nite.. Even taking pic they could look like "electrifying" each other~ Haha.. Just refer to below pic.. And the 2nd pic below.. Er... Siapa punya kaki? U guess yourself lor.. It's damn easy to guess la wei~ =P

Of course, not forgetting to celebrate YarChing's Birthday la.. This is the main reason of the gathering ma.. I like that part which she thought there was no cake for her and kept on asking us.. "Why no cake geh?", "Really no cake ar?".. Haha! Sound disappointed right? But of course, we wont do that to her.. We played the birthday song and then tada~~ The cake was right in front of her face.. Yes, Magic.. **You do not need to know the process, you need to know the result~ Wahahaha! And.. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

After all, we really had great time together.. We are planning for our Annual Trip already.. This time we will separate the Annual Trip from the Christmas Trip~ To make sure that we have more chances and time to be spent together and to have fun together~ I cant wait for the moment to come.. It's just the best moment of all when I have the chance to be with SoLoBies.. Love you all.. =D

Below are some video clips taken tat nite.. Damn funny de wei~ Really beh tahan.. Can laugh till vomit blood.. Enjoy..

~无言的结局 #1~

~无言的结局 #2~

~无言的结局 #3~

Hapi Bday Yarching #1

Hapi Bday Yarching #2

Jason Siah
11.59pm 18th July 2007


  • At 8:24 PM, Blogger Blur^Sand said…

    I wanna sing K with u!!!!!!!! hahaha! make me feel wanna sing K la when watching ur video!!! sing very nice wor u~~~ geng!!!

  • At 1:08 AM, Blogger thej said…

    Haiya.. We never go Sing K together oso wor rite? Hehe~~ Wahahahaha.. Me sing nice meh? No la.. U got listened to my other friends? They are really good la.. Hehehe! Professional geh.. Me? Onli play play~ LoL

    Let's sing K.. =P


  • At 4:25 PM, Blogger Crayn Tay said…



  • At 12:28 AM, Blogger thej said…

    Yeah.. 友谊万岁.. =D

  • At 6:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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