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Monday, July 09, 2007

~Lately.. Movies..~

As what I hv mentioned in my header.. July is a month of movies.. Just too many movies to be watched.. Hehe.. So far, I hv watched 3 movies.. And would like just write smth about them.. This is my own point of view.. You can definitely disagree with me.. =P

Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer

This is the 1st movie I watched on July.. F4.. Frankly speaking, I have quite high expectations for this movie as I heard a lot of good comments and read a lot of good reviews about it.. But.. Maybe, due to the high expectations itself, I felt even more disappointed.. The movie is lagging.. My fren almost fall asleep.. I was still ok.. Cos I like Jessica Alba very much.. She is just so HOT! The storyline is super boring.. Fortunately, it's a short movie.. Just 1 and half hour.. I think less than that~ But of course, still, we need to give credit to the special effect of all their powers~ Especially the Silver Surfer~ So terror man.. And I felt so nice when I got to know that he is actually not the BAD GUY.. Haha! Rate: 3/5


Here comes the 2nd movie.. Transformer.. Okie.. This one.. I just want to show my THUMB UP!! So incredibly fantastic and sophisticated~ Like many ppl out there, I was one of the super fans of this cartoon when I was just a kid.. But I couldn't really recall the story in the cartoon version.. So, this time, I was bringing an empty-mindset to watch the movie.. And.. It's just soooo COOL~ Especially all the Transformation scene!!! So impressive~ Wonderful.. AMazing! Haha~ I cant find any other better words~ Just so facinating~ Personally, I like Optimus Prime the most~ Ya, many ppl like Bumblebee the most and I like it too.. But if compared with the coolness and yeng-ness of Optimus Prime, really cant take it.. No matter in TRUCK or ROBOT, I still like it the most! Dammit.. Wanted to watch it again yesterday but Fully Booked! Rate: 5/5

Die Hard 4.0

Transformer is fully booked yesterday.. Ended up, I watched Die Hard 4.0 with my friends~ Waliao~~ Another movie that amazed me alot alot!! From the very beginning of the movie.. Till the end (except the most ending part where all the bad guys were dead only those so called FBI policemen appeared), it's full of excitement.. Action-packed.. Fighting.. Guns.. Cars.. Helicopters.. Bombs.. Truck.. Sophisticated technology.. And even jet!! For God Sake.. It's so damn real~ So damn excited.. Interesting.. Gencheong qigik~ Everything!! Haha.. Just to highlight a thing.. Maggie Q is kind of kicking-ass in this movie~ Compared to watch her Hongkong movie with her poor Cantonese, watching her speaking in fluent English is much more captivating.. =D Rate: 5/5

So.. This is all about the 3 movies that I have watched recently.. Coming soon, I wish to watch, of course, Harry Porter~~ Also Surf Up but this one not sure got time to watch or not.. Haha~ I wanted to watch Alone.. I really think this is a good ghost movie from Thailand.. But not sure still got chance to watch or not cos quite some time it is screened in cinema.. Haih~~ Anyway, next target surely is Harry Porter la wei~ =P

P/s: Anyone knows where to get free or cheaper tix??? Pokai lor watch movie like this.. hahaha!

Jason Siah

1.59pm 9th July 2007


  • At 3:17 PM, Blogger Crayn Tay said…


  • At 10:29 PM, Blogger thej said…

    Ya, transformer is just so damn nice!! and go watch Die Hard 4.0~ No regret!!


  • At 8:08 PM, Anonymous Benghan said…

    Duiiiii , I watch Harry liao lor ! But too bad i dont understand wor .. Sui Zhai ! Seriously i don't know what they are talking about. Cos i dint watch some of the previous ones ..

  • At 9:05 PM, Blogger thej said…

    You are calling urself suizhai izzit??? Who ask u never watch previous one so dai sei???? hahahaha.. padan muka! I watched each of the episode more than twice! =P



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