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Friday, July 27, 2007

~MEME tagged by Jo..~

Okie.. Since I dun have anything to update due to my own laziness lately and my laptop just being recovered from the Trojan Virus.. I decided to post this tag.. This time tagged by Jo~ Yes, her again.. Last time tags.. I din post at all.. So paiseh.. haha! So, this time, kena 2~~

~10 Things I Hate!!~

Food I hate : Sushi --> Those that not being fully-cooked..

Fruit I hate : Durian --> Not to say hate but don really feel good eating it nowadays..

Veggies I hate : Not sure what it's called..

People that I hate : Rude, dirty, snobbish.. LIAR!!

Event/Situation/Incident that I hate : Get to know ppl fall sick/pass away.. & Being ACCUSED..

TV shows/movies that I hate : Boring one..

Music I hate : Not nice one.. haha!

Household chores that I hate : I never fancy household chores.. paiseh..

Things that you hate around the world : Pollution..

Things that you hate about yourself : Lazy.. Chubby.. Stubborn..

Done! 2nd one as below..

~The Face Behind The Blog~

Above all are ME ME ME.. J's~

I just follow the way Jo wrote about herself.. Hehe.. I am an ordinary chinese guy born in a small town in Selangor named Rawang.. NOw not SMALL TOWN already.. Hehe! I have only one younger sister.. She is now studying in UM.. Will be a teacher very soon~

When I was small, I like sports.. But I had asthma.. So, even though I like sports like running, lompat jauh, lompat tinggi.. Wait wait.. Lompat tinggi? Ya~~ I was once the representative of my school for lompat tinggi~ FuiYoh.. That was during my Standard 6.. And who knows~ After that Lompat Tinggi match.. I never been TINGGI anymore.. Wahahahaha!! Oops! Back to the topic.. I could not join too much cos of my asthma~ During secondary school time, my asthma had recovered.. I learnt Taekwondo then.. After getting my Brown Belt.. I stopped the class.. =P Then I fall in love with dancing.. I learnt dancing since Form 2.. Those modern dance.. Then chinese cultural dance.. Rock N Roll.. And a little bit of this and little bit of that.. LoL Until now, I am still in love with dancing.. Still learning a little bit of this and little bit of that.. Haha!

I was studying in IT in Uniten.. That 4 years of uni life was really great and amazing! I got to know a bunch of really good friends which is.. SoLoBies.. They have given me very sweet and wonderful time not only my uni time but also now!! =D Anyhow, after graduated, I hv tried few jobs.. All different field.. 1st job was in SoNy.. Doing Production.. OMG! This is the hardest job I have ever met! Haha.. After all, this is my 1st job~ LoL I hv to handle sales from 10 Asia countries.. Managed and analyse the sales fluctuation.. One word.. SUSAH! 2nd job was doing my own field.. IT~ Ya right~ During interview, I was being told to join them for projects which i could get exposure of all the processes in IT projects EXCEPT programming.. After 1 month there, I was being transfered to OPERATION team which I need to go out and INSTALL WIRES & CCTV @ Clients' place~ Yes, wiring.. Bodoh~ 3rd job was JOBSDB.. Doing tele sales~ I cant stand sales too much.. Only managed to bertahan for 4 months.. Then to my previous job.. Video editing!!! Yoohoo.. At last, I got a job that I hv the most interest on it.. I was the video editor as well as DVD Author! Wow~ Cool!! But.. Always a BUT here.. My company sucks!! Pay low! No benefits! Ish~ After 4 jobs.. And loads of experiences, I decided to find a job which can pay me more!! So now.. I am in Customer Service line.. Working in a bank~ Pay? Of course higher than last few companies.. Job scope? "Good morning OCBC Bank, this is Jason's speaking, how may I assist you?" I have to repeat this sentence for approximately 80-100 times per day.. I have to know every single thing in this bank regarding Business Banking, company account~ I hv to know about the Cheques.. Transfer.. Charges.. Opening of account.. FD.. Internet banking.. GIRO payroll.. Bla bla bla.. Like crazy~ Of course, we cannot forget our very important person.. The CUSTOMERS!!!! Okok.. Customers always RIGHT.. Ya rite~ =P

My hobbies.. As i mentioned earlier.. Dancing.. I like swimming too.. Both WET and DRY~ Haha! Besides, I like to online.. As for blogging.. Now not really too fancy.. Just blog for fun.. For friends.. hehehe! =P I still like to read other ppl's blogs.. Read about other ppl's life and love to share~ I am a VIRGO.. Yes.. 30th August is my birthday.. Coming soon.. Everyone, please remember.. Wahahaha! A wish is good enough~ Thanks in advance.. I am kinda stubborn.. But now better la.. NOt like last time.. My friends called me DIAMOND.. Cos too HARD to break~ LoL Now, i think degrade already ba~ To STONE.. But somehow, towards something particular.. I still stand still geh.. LoL I like ppl with great and sunny smile.. Cos that can melt me.. Can calm me.. Can make me happy.. =D

That's all la.. I think I started to bore everyone already with my long description.. Wahahaha! Btw, I am not tagging anyone.. It's just not my style to tag ppl.. LoL

Jason Siah
10.28pm 28th July 2007


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