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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

~So You Think You Can Dance.. Top 12..~

Frankly speaking, last week ::So You Think You Can Dance:: Malaysia version was really quite "dramatic" for me.. And I am still trying hard to convince myself that Isaac has been eliminated and not successfully to get a place in Top 10~~ Well.. I am not a HARD CORE fans of Isaac but personally, I always judge by the performance of that nite itself.. And I don think he is the one who deserves to leave.. Especially with his great and wonderful performance with the beautiful Sue.. Anyway, I like the beginning of the show especially their special performance.. Very nice indeed!..

Understand that the judges were having difficulties to choose the Bottom 4 and ended up~ Bottom 6.. At first, I was thinking.. Is that a way to actually TRICK the audiences and supporters to vote more? Like myself, I hv to vote for more than 2 ppl~ Is that a way to earn more money from the sms?? But then, look back @ the comments of the judges.. They were not really at the same side yesterday.. And I believe that is why they have come out with such a decision.. Bottom 6~ Okie.. It did SPICE up even more for the show~ But.. Still "drama" for me..

Here comes my own review .. JS' piece of opinions.. Haha~ Definitely might be different from other ppl.. Everyone has their own point of view after all.. ;) For me, I would choose Brancy & Firul for the Best Couple yesterday nite.. Their dance was super good~ Apart from the great and wonderful choreo, both of them were so engaged and I can feel that they really put their soul into the dance.. They are connecting not only with each other but also the judges, audiences as well as the supporters at home~~ 2 eagles soaring in the sky.. Well.. That's how Judi, one of the judges commented on their performance.. I just LIKE IT!

Then comes to 2nd best performance.. I would stil like to vote for Sue and ISaac~ Yes, Isaac has been sent to Bottom 6 and being eliminated at last.. (It was a surprise for me tho) BuT still, I really think that his performance with Sue yesterday was so captivating~ I can feel their emotions.. I can understand the story that they are trying to tell us.. And that's the most important thing in a dance performance like that rite? Story-telling.. Choreo was sooooooooo good just like Brancy & Firul's~ Well, Isaac still being commented as no sincerity in his dance and movements.. Sue was flawless.. I agree with Sue's comment but for Isaac.. I still think he did wonderful and great job.. Good but not good enough for the judges..

Mmm.. I like the silat dance from Becky & Dennis so so much~ But somehow, my opinions are a bit different from the judges.. I like Becky's performance~ Her energy was so "terserlah".. Her movements were so sharp.. She was so attractive with the silat-kungfu style of dancing~ On the other hand.. I really don see the connection from Dennis.. Once again, I still like Dennis.. Cos he is so so much with his personality and I think he could make it even further than Top 10 but now.. The competition is really HOT.. I Can see that he could convince the judges.. And maybe alot more fans out there.. but personally, i don feel it that way..

Nikki & Yuz.. Yuz, again has proven to us that he is a very strong dancer with good attitude with skills that could take all sorts of dances well~ As for Nikki this week.. I could feel her feminine side and emotion so so much this time~ Really.. I really could feel it.. Credit for her but this week.. Technique-wise, she has lost it.. Again, I hv to compare her with Becky.. Both of them.. I would choose Becky to be in Top 6.. But Nikki, she kinda nailed it for the emotion and feminine feelings this week~ Hope she can keep that up + the techniques part.. She gonna rock then..

The Chinese cultural dance for Noor and Alam.. Alot of ppl giving comments saying that the choreo was too bad.. Too simple.. Like kindergarten or small kids kinda dance.. But.. Not sure why.. I personally like that dance well enough.. Maybe bcos I learnt chinese cultural dance before.. I don see that the choreo is easy to be executed.. Yes, the posing part has its flaw but still, i like the dance itself.. I found out that Noor is reallllly cute and Alam is so different this week.. Ya, connection is a bit weak but somehow.. I like it.. haha!

Jo and Jimmy.. This one.. I just have nothing much to say but to agree with the judges~~ Hmmm... How nice would it be if this dance has the same style or feel like Isaac & Sue's.. Mmm.. Just watch it yourself below.. And judge it.. Ngor dou mou yeh gong ar...

Result show..

All after all.. Bottom 6.. Are in my expectation as well EXCEPT Becky & Isaac.. But I really dun wish to see Isaac or Jo leaving.. Well.. Again, the show runs like this.. We have to bare with it.. Top 10 is here now~~ I wish that next week would not have another BOTTOM 6 la.. HATI pun nak jatuh keluar~~~ :P

Isaac & Jo.. Gambateh! :)

Jason Siah

11.12pm 6th June 2007


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