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Monday, June 11, 2007

~So You Think You Can Dance.. Top 10..~

I hv been looking forward to Episode 10 of ::So You Think You Can Dance:: since last week~ And after watching the show on Thursday + online.. I actually feel a bit disappointed.. Just a bit la ha.. Not too much~ Haha.. Well, I can feel that most of them are not that energetic anymore.. They looked tired and low in power.. From the 2 sets of dances of all the contestants.. Frankly speaking.. I LOVE Sue the most! She is the only 1 that I personally think did well and wonderful in both dances! As for others.. Either 1 of the dance they din perform well or even worse.. Both sets of dances were not too good..

Sue & Firul kicked off the show very very well~ Their Street Jazz dance was so so exciting and great! For this dance, I really like Sue very much with her great movements.. As for Firul~ I think he was good too in this dance! And I did agree with what Pat said.. Sue was really strong~ Even just walking also like dancing!! 300% is really deserve to be Crowned for her..

Then we go to a sexy performance from Brancy & Dennis.. Mambo~ This is really great to be seen!! After few weeks of disappointment towards Dennis' performance.. This week, I really have to say that he is BACK! Haha.. Personally, I like his performance more than Brancy.. I just feel that Brancy has not much FIRE in this dance compared to previous.. Anyway, it's still a great performance which BURNS the Floor.. ;)

After knowing that Noor & Yuz are the new partner for each other.. I am kinda looking forward towards their performance as both of them are strong dancers! But for this 1st dance.. Rock & Roll~ It was just a fair performance.. Good but not VERY good.. Well execution of the choreo but really.. There were no Rock & Roll feelings at all~ Anyhow.. I still like their cheekiness in the dance and the way they executed the amazing steps!!

Nikki & Alam~ Both were being said and expected to deliver wonderful dance especially for this 1st dance! BUT.. both of them did not perform well~ I am not sure how's the feeling watching @ Ruums Live but through the monitor of TV & laptop.. I could not even feel their energy~ The worst part was Nikki's timing~ Was OUT from the very beginning of the dance!! As for alam.. He did not achieve his previous POWeR and it SHOWED very clearly in their performance..

Another looking-forward-new-couple.. Becky & Jimmy~ I think both of them are STRONG dancers as well~ Moreover, I really think that they are very MATCHing!! Not sure why.. Just feel that their chemistry could be really Great~ But somehow for this 1st dance.. Becky was a bit off track.. Especially her movements.. As for Jimmy.. It was a bit look like he was dancing alone.. Lack of connections between him and Becky..

2nd set of dance~ Sue & Firul WOW us again!!! In this Contemporary dance.. I like their timing very very much~ Much more CONNECTED compared to 1st dance! Great synchronization~ I JUST LOVE IT~ Especially Sue! Again.. She Rocks~ It was so good and I believe that almost everyone would agree with Judi.. 300% from Sue and for Sue!!

Noor & Yuz grabbed back my confident and attention with the 2nd Dance.. I am not sure the genre of this dance.. My fren told me is more to JAWA dance? ??? I really not sure but they both were sooooooo charming!! Their gesture and body language were so great! Good control and they performed very brightly!! I just like it.. **eventhough my fren hated it.. :P

A bit disappointed with the 2nd performance from Dennis & Brancy.. This time.. Both of them looked NO-ENERGY.. I wished they could bring it on but unfortunately, they didn't.. There was even timing problem from Brancy.. I guess tonite was not Brancy's best nite.. After all, she has given very consistent performance so far~ Hope to see more from both of them next week!

Personally, I really think that Nikki is quite sexy + cute to wear the Salsa costume.. As well as Alam, 1st time seeing him wearing such a FLOWERY shirt.. Looked cute! Hehe.. But, I have to say that I don really get their performance.. I really cant feel any chemistry and connection from them~Nikki, not enough feminine side again.. This dance.. Salsa.. But.. Not enough to FIRE everyone..

The last but not the least.. Becky & Jimmy with Dancehall~~ I was so happy to see this performance as both of them were so energetic and I just like their emotions so so much~ They NAILED it.. Becky was better in this dance compared to the 1st one.. I really like their energy.. It has concluded the nite's show very nicely..

For this week Bottom 6.. I expected it.. But never expected Becky would be sent out.. Compared.. I personally think that Nikki is not that great~ Anway, for the solo performance.. I personally like Dennis, Alam & Becky's so so much~~ Just feel that they were really talented dancers! And next week!! Top 8!! OMG.. Really fast~~

Jason Siah
11th June 2007


  • At 2:11 PM, Blogger  said…

    i love brancy's latin mambo.. so WOW

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  • At 8:04 PM, Blogger thej said…

    I love Sue & Isaac's Samba!! The best till now.. hehe! So SPICY!

    Of course I still like this show.. will support till the FINAL.. Another 2 weeks oo!! Hehe~ =D Watch it then dude.. THursday 9.30 8TV.. Yeah



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