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Monday, June 04, 2007

~Bali ::Jalan-jalan Time::~

::Jalan-jalan Time::

Frankly speaking, in this Bali trip, we din really visit too much of tourist spots.. Hehe~ It's more to FREE & EASY trip for us.. We only went to few of the famous places on 2nd Day.. 3rd Day we chose to shopping nearby our hotel and stayed in hotel.. Beaching + Relaxing.. 4th Day was the last day.. We relax as well for just few hours before we departed to the airport~

So, 2nd Day, after our breakfast in hotel.. We went out to see where could we visit.. Then, we decided to rent for a van and the driver can send us where we want to go.. So, the 1st place we went is Tanah Lot.. This is a great place to take pic.. In fact, it's really spectacular~ U can see a temple across the bay.. I wish I could go there but too bad.. We all couldn't cross over due to AIR PASANG.. If AIR SURUT, then no problem wor.. hehe! We taken a lot of pic here.. Of course, we also shopped quite a lot here.. Those keychains were bought here.. hehe! And those BillaBong Caps, shirts, shorts.. All bought here geh~ Nice place lor.. can take pic and can shop as well!

After this place.. We went up hill.. We stopped half way for our lunch then we reached this place called Bedugul~ We paid for the entrance fee but when we got into the place only we found out that the place has nobody visited!!! Really nobody was there except us and those local ppl whom keep asking us to "MANCING MANCING" and ride the boat or sampan~ hehe! Of course, we never done any one of the activities la.. So boring~ We just taken.. Erm.. Not more than 10 pic then we CIAO~ Yes! We just ciao~ Wahahahahhaa... Cos really nothing much~ But the view of the lake is very wonderful!

3rd place I really forgotten the name but it's a temple and historical place.. Same, also need to pay for the entrance fee.. Then we went inside and started to take pic.. It's kinda nice to visit historical places like this in Bali~ But too bad.. We only can take pic around the temple area and not IN the temple itself!!! WTF?!?! So, nothing much we could WALK and take pic as well cos that place is not that BIG after all~~ But, we taken quite a lot of pic here la.. Haha~ we have the temple.. We have the green grass and the nice walls~ =D

Last place of the visit day of Bali is the famous ULUWATU~ This is really the BeSt place! It's also very special.. It has been told as a sacred place so all of us must wear the Sarung thingy with the yellow string on it before we can go in~ We need to be extra careful to walk all along the way of this place where there are a lot of aggressive monkeys all over the place.. Yes, very AGGRESSIVE! The monkeys will steal ur cap and ur spectacles if you are close enough to them and if you are not paying any attention! We witnessed that the monkey actually SNATCHED the spec from one CHINA man! Haha.. So terror! But the view here is really picturesque! Very amazing! I just LIKE IT so much~ With the SunSet that we could hv viewed here~ Really really wonderful~

That's all about our Jalan-jalan time in Bali~ Hahaha.. I have told you, we really din go to much places~ In fact, there are stil a lot of nice places to be visited but we really wanted to make this a FREE & EASY trip so we din go~ Moreover, with tight budget~ We rather go for Spa & Massage~ Yoohoo.. Nice experience!! The post about it will be updated after this.. =D

Jason Siah
11.02pm 4th June 2007


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