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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

~Bali ::Shopping la wei!!::~

Ow~~ I know I have been slow.. But please bare with me ya.. Kinda busy lately~ Hahaha~ And also very obsessed to SYTYCD program which I will update a post regarding the show every week~ Hmm.. Well, now is the time to continue my Bali Trip posting~ Today would like to talk about SHOPPING!! Wow~ I believe many ppl love this part la.. SHOPPING wor~ Especially gals rite? haha.. But too bad, this time we did not actually go to too many places for shopping.. Just as below.. So, it's not going to be a major tips for u all but hopefully still could help u a little bit when u are there in Bali~~

As you can see the pic above.. Yes, the first nite that we reached Bali.. We din unpack our baggage.. We din go for dinner directly.. We went to this shopping Mall at the very first place! hahaha~ Cos they cannot tahan already.. Must SHOPPING they said.. This is Electronic City.. It's a shopping mall combined together with SOGO as well.. So, it's kinda BIG but FYI, nothing much inside ler.. Just like shopping mall in Msia.. And the price is not too cheap compared to Malaysia.. So.. We just did window-shopping.. None of us bought anything here.. We just walked and compared the price of everything~ Hahaha.. Then we ciao.. For our dinner.. =P

Very early the next morning.. We went to 1st tourist spot which is Tanah Lot.. Never thought that we could find a stall here which we could buy so many souvenirs~ hehe.. Those that got the keychain with their names on it from me.. Yeah.. This is the stall where we bought it ok? Salute to the Boss of the stall~ He is very talented in drawing~ Very nice job.. Moreover, the price that he offered at the very first place was very cheap.. Which made us don feel good to ask for a lower price anymore.. Hahaha~ But I really like this keychains very much~ Bcos the design is very good.. The way he "BURNT" the name on it also very good.. And of course, I like it bcos we can put our friends' names on it~ Very special and memorable~ =P I really hope that those friends that received this keychains will like it.. =P

Besides than the keychains stall.. We have found 1 BILLABONG retail shop here which has up to 70% of discount!!! Eventhough not so many cheap shirts or shorts to be bought but still, we had grab something for ourselves.. ALL of us except Bai~ Hehe.. I grabbed a white cap for myself~ It's really nice!! Very da nice and cheap!~ So, next time when u guys come to Tanah Lot.. Please do remember to look at the shops along the road whether got Sales or not ya! =P

The next place I wanna talk about would definitely be the entire ROAD of stalls like what u can see in the pic~ It's just like stalls u can find in KekLokSi, Penang or even Petaling Street, KL~ Almost each and every of the stalls are selling the same thing.. Shirts, shorts.. Shirts, shorts.. And Shirts shorts~ LoL But we did a lot of Shopping here~ Bcos it's around the KUTA town.. Means the entire KUTA town is surrounded by this kind of stalls~~ U can just buy anything u like anywhere anytime.. Just ask for the price and if u are not happy with it.. Proceed.. U will find cheaper price in front.. Never ever need to worry about it! Hahaha..

Frankly speaking.. In fact, that's all the SHOPPING that we did.. Haha~ But what I can say about Bali & this Kuta town.. There are really a lot of shops along the roadside.. Look at above pic.. And look @ Bai's face~ She was in dilenma at tat time bcos too many shops.. We really do not know where to go already!! Wahahaha~ Another reason was bcos we already spent all our cash at that particular time! LoL That's why we were very "wunai".. Dunno where to go and dunno what else we can buy!! Anyway, wish to give a tips regarding a 7-11 style of shop there.. It's called K-Mart or Mini-Mart.. Please be alert with the cash that u pay them~ My friend has confused with the cash when we were buying drinks.. He paid him 2 pieces of IDR100K for only few drinks!!! Which means RM80!!! But the cashier DIAM-DIAM~~ Then I realized.. Somthing was not right! How come few bottles of drinks cost him RM80!!! So, we went back to the shop! And guess what, that cashier was like already preparing that we might be going back.. He quickly led us to the side and gave us the change back!! Ish ish.. So, please beware of this k? =P

This is the last call for Bai & I.. We spent all our cash here..
Look @ the Boss.. She is so cute.. hahaha~ =P

And OMG!! Look at below pic!! Eventhough we din really go to too many places for shopping~ But look at our OUTCOME~ So far, I think Ken & Juit won la~ Hahaha.. They bought quite a lot of things especially Ken.. Over budget somemore~ Hehe.. As for myself.. Just sikit-sikit lor.. Tak boleh jadi bukit~ LoL Anyway, this is the shopping places that we have gone to in Bali~~ So far, nothing much interesting that can be shared.. Except those that I hv shared above.. =P Just to add another tips.. Do BARGAIN when u shop there!!!!!!!

Jason Siah
4.14pm 23rd May 2007


  • At 4:42 PM, Blogger Crayn Tay said…

    wah..good shopping... this time 5 ppl go de?? m.. all ur S gang..write blog?? hahah..

  • At 4:44 PM, Blogger Crayn Tay said…

    oh ya..ilike the name key chain.. but looks like go travel the most common de buah tangan is key chain o.... why le?

  • At 9:51 PM, Blogger thej said…

    ::crayn tay::
    Ya, this time only 5 of us.. Others no available lor.. hahaha! Btw, they don write blog la.. LoL I don wanna buy keychain de.. But this keychain really special.. Moreover, the name on it is so nice written.. that's why I still buy! hehe~ =D


  • At 2:45 PM, Blogger Crayn Tay said…

    ur S gangg onli u n tht Dj write blog a... wow.. u so talented hahah...

    why don buy curry powder..chili sauce ..belacan..those those?

  • At 6:05 PM, Blogger thej said…

    Ya, only us.. Huh? Write BLOG only wor.. What so TALENTED leh? Haha.. Funny.. No curry powder and belacan wor.. Chili sauce ada lah! Bought 2~ hahaha!


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