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Friday, May 11, 2007

~So You Think You Can Dance.. Part 2..~

Here come the 2nd episode of ::So You Think You Can Dance:: Malaysia version~~ Really really happy and excited about this show.. This week.. Almost all of them performed very well! Mastered very good in their performance! And of course.. I wanted to choose my own-opinion Best performance! Haha..

Last week, I din manage to choose Best Performance but I really like Jimmy as well as Nikki's performance very well out of 20 dancers.. They really performed well and showed the audiences that they could actually dance out of their comfort zone as they mastered in different kind of dances individually but need to perform another different kind of dances on the stage.. That's hard but they did well.. =D Nikki performed more gently this week.. Hehe.. According to herself.. She is more feminine and I think everyone can see that she did really well.. As for Jimmy.. This week Best Performance la.. Last week, his partner, Azzy has been eliminated so he has a new partner, Jo..




This week I can choose Best Performance already bcos both of them did very well!! They are Jimmy & Jo.. For me, they are the best this week in terms of Performance wise because it's not 1 side good but both of them are WONDERFUL~ They are CONNECTED with each other.. That's really cool~ Make u wanna see more and more from them.. So, enjoy the below clips.. I hv watched more than 6 times.. Haha.. In the same clip, you can see Noor & Alam's performance.. Noor got the emotion and dance very well.. Alam is just okie but I think lack of the fierce-ness.. And their closing.. Gosh.. Compliment to Noor!! Haha.. Damn nice!!

Jo ^ Jimmy

Of course, besides than Jo & Jimmy.. You can take a look @ Becky & Dennis.. Their Jive performance was great too.. Very notti-kinda-look & interested.. Can see that they really enjoying the dance much.. Well enough to win a lot of votes I guess.. =D

Becky ^ Dennis

Nikki ^ Yuz

Jason Siah
6.18pm 11th May 2007


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