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Saturday, March 17, 2007

~Specially Dedicated to Stevano..~

Nothing so special actually to be dedicated to our "Pioneer" in our dept, Mr Steve Soon Miaw Li aka Stevano.. Haha.. Just that it was kinda "mm seh dak" = Berat Hati to see him leaving us.. Or I should say FINALLY.. Haha~ He has been in this bank for more than 6 years for God sake! I believe it's really the time for him to move on to another environment and get more experiences for himself.. Do you agree, Mr Stevano? Why Stevano? He sendiri perasan he is damn Macho so he given himself that Name.. Yucks! =P

We had discussed for such a long time since the day he announced to us that he would leave us soon for this farewell dinner.. Until last Friday, we decided to make it in Italianies @ The Curve.. None of us tried before the food there.. So kinda looking forward to it.. But quite disappointing in terms of the food.. Only the dessert is good..

Not forgetting to mention, before going to the dinner, me and Intan followed Kak Kulin back to her mum's house to visit her son.. Fawwaz Danish.. Our God Son! Wahahhaa.. So da cute! We were damn happy and excited to see Danish.. He is just too cute and chubby~ Hehe.. Like mum like son.. So cute and really wish to hug him but I still dare not to do so.. Cos he is still small and not that strong yet.. Wait for another few months la.. Then I can hug and play with him ald.. Can look at the pic.. We are like a family.. Really treat her mum TAK ADE ke?? Hahahhaa.. Just kidding.. He is just too cute so we both could not bare with it to take pic with him.. LoL

Back to the dinner.. The night was full with GOSSIP~ Haha.. After all, what can a bunch of colleagues do when gather in such an environment? Gossip la besides that eating~ LoL We had a nice time Chatting and eating.. Of course, not forgetting taking pic with my presence! Haha~ I just cant get rid of the camera~ Camwhore! =P

Very happy can see our ex-colleague, Christine too.. With her hubby.. She looks so much prettier now than during the time she was with us.. I really mean it.. In fact, all of us agree on that.. She looks happier and more cheerful~ Hehe.. Maybe the FengShui of our office really not too ngam her la.. Now she is pregnant for.. erm.. If I am not mistaken 5 months.. Wish her and baby healthy safely.. =D

Lastly but not the least.. Of course need to dedicate some words to our HERO today.. Mr Stevano~ The Macho Guy~ These words are specially for you since you are leaving us very soon.. Leaving Malaysia somemore.. Still remember the 1st day I joined the company.. I have been arranged to sit beside you.. Eventhough I buddy with Kak Kulin but I did being affected by you a lot.. Haha~ Thank you so much for teaching these much of things to me! Thank you so much for being patience for my stubborness and everything.. Thank you so much for being a good colleague and good friend.. =D I really wish you to have a Bright and Great future in your coming job~ Wish that you will really like the job and you will have wonderful career advancement there! Of course.. Wish you could find ur lover in ShenZhen.. LoL Do miss us lots and lots.. We will miss you for sure.. The days without u.. I guess, it gonna be hard.. =P Take good care of yourself and May God Bless You.. Finally.. Do miss your Wife and Girlfriend too.. Who?? You know who la.. wahahhahahahaha~~

Jason Siah

1.16am 17th March 2007


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