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Monday, March 26, 2007

~3 Most..~

This tag is very interesting.. 3 most.. What is 3 most..? Basically, we are being asked to nominate or choose 3 friends which under one particular criteria~ I have taken some time to look for pictures and edit them.. kinda interesting to make all those pic.. Hehe~ So now, do enjoy and let's see my 3 most FRIENDS.. =P

3 Prettiest Friends..

I choose 1 of my "OLDEST" friend.. Joe Wong.. Know her since Form 1.. Another 2 are my UNITEN friends.. LooYee & Yarching.. The reason of choosing 3 of them is because they are NOT ONLY pretty outside but also inside.. =D What do you think? Cantik ke tak? Hehe~

3 Most Handsome Friends..

As what you can see from the pic, ya, they are damn handsome.. How can ppl be handsome like them?? Haha.. My new friend Ocean Tan.. My good Brother.. WaiBoon & another blogger, Dan~ Look at that~~ Yish.. So handsome.. So jealous.. Haha~

3 Craziest Friends..

Crazy.. How to define crazy wor? For me.. I will define it as SoLoBi lor.. Hehe~ In our gang, SoLoBies.. The 3 most SoLoBies' SoLoBi for me would be SoLoBi Bai, Kaiwei.. SoLoBi Hai, Claire.. & SoLoBi Eh, Jocelyn.. Haha~ How SoLoBies they can be ar? This one u must EXPERIENCE yourself lo~ =P Buzz me if u wanna know them.. I intro.. Haha!
3 Best Friends..

Wow wow wow~ I only can choose 3?? Haha~ I think I have more than that for sure.. But if really need to choose.. Definitely must be them! Just now ald been nominated as the 3 Most Handsome Friends.. My God Brother.. Wai Boon.. Eventhough we know each other just for few years.. But he is really a good friend.. Like brother.. Very caring and nice person indeed.. Another 2.. Of course that 2 FeiLous that I have known for more than 11 years lor~ Haha.. We sama-sama gone thru PMR, SPM.. Sama-sama gone to UNITEN.. Stay sama-sama for that 4 years.. =D If not best friends.. Sudah BUNUH each other lor.. Hehe~

Actually still have some 3 Most.. But I think these 4 are enough as I am damn lazy to edit so many pic.. Hahaha! =P

Jason Siah

10.54pm 26th March 2007


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