Name: Jason Siah Chin Hon Birthday: 30th August 1982 Gender: Male Occupation: Customer Service Officer My place: Rawang

Monday, March 19, 2007

~Mama's Bday..~

Haiya.. SoLobies are getting Older lor.. Hehe.. This round, our Mama Nick has reached his mid-20s! Hehe.. We celebrated his birthday in a Steamboat restaurant located @ Sunway.. I've forgotten the name of the restaurant.. It is not too bad but not too good as well.. Not much choices of food.. Dont even have the most basic MO GU for steamboat!! Adui~~ Pengsan.. But the chicken wing there is good! The funny thing is.. When is being served.. Everyone will be like the lalat.. Wuengwuengwueng.. Just a few SECONDs.. All Chicken wings GONE!!! Unbelievable~ Wahahahaha..~ And of course.. I must say very Thank you to Juit.. Bcos of him only we could have tasted the chicken wings for good.. haha...

Anyway, we did have a full DINNER together .. That night we have The Birthday Boy, Nick.. We have 2 HG guys, Juit & Kenzhu.. We have El-jie with Geok.. And of course Me lo.. Hehe~ We had great chat as usual.. Updating each other about what is happening around us.. Ken is going to Hongkong.. Oops.. He is in HONGKONG now! Cool.. Juit still the same.. Busy busy and busy.. El-jie is going to Spore for a new job soon~ Congratulations.. Geok is waiting to change a new job as well.. As for our Birthday Boy.. He is still the same.. According to him la.. hahaha.. Anyway, wish everyone has a good change and will pursue a good career~ =D

After having the dinner.. We head on to nearby McD for cut cake session.. hehe.. We thought that we would have a quick one but who knows.. After the session, we still continue chatting.. haha~ We really could not stop la I guess.. LoL Until all of us are so damn full after eating the cakes.. then only we realized, hei.. We still need to work next day and it's damn late already! hahaha~ So, we went back home respectively.. Hehehe...

Lastly, of course would like to wish Mama, Nick again.. Happy Birthday.. May all ur Dreams Come True.. Wish tat you could get the Life that you desire~ Bhappy Always! =D

Jason Siah
10.06pm 21st March 2007


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