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Thursday, March 08, 2007

~Singapore Branch??~

As I said earlier.. Very surprisingly we can get the chance to be sent to Singapore for training~ The bank has bare all the fare for us to fly from Malaysia to Singapore.. 2 hotel rooms for 2 nites.. The trip was very ok actually.. Everything went smoothly.. The training.. The meet-up with SoLoBies.. Hehe.. The hotel is very luxury too.. Got OSIM massage chair somemore! Haha.. Cool~ The training provided food as well and the food was damn good!! Morning, 10am break, lunch, tea time.. Gosh~ All good food.. All you can eat! =P

The happiest thing for this trip of course is having the chance to meet SoLoBies in Singapore! We officially have a Branch of SoLoBies in Singapore now.. Hehe.. I din get the chance to meet Abu & her sister but still managed to meet up with Ken, Jocelyn & Julian.. The 1st night we did not go anywhere.. They came to Phoenix hotel to look for me.. They tried on the OSIM massage chair.. And then taken a few pic.. Ciao.. Left me alone in the BIG and luxury hotel.. I enjoyed myself with a good shower.. Good massage.. And then a sweet dream~~ =P The training is a full day training for both Friday & Saturday.. We only allowed to leave earliest @ 5.30pm..

2nd day, as planned, after the training.. I took the MRT to BUGIS and meet up with them.. Really shiok la to take MRT myself 1st time in Singapore.. Haha.. Eventhough it's damn convenient and easy but still a bit worried ma.. Since it's not my own place.. Hehe.. But luckily, I still managed to meet up with them in this shopping mall called SeiYu.. In cantonese, it sounds like Ikan Mati.. Wahahahaha.. We have a shop there.. Just a short while.. Ken bought some shirst while I bought 2 watches.. Hehe.. Not bad.. I mean the design and price are not bad~ Din buy anything else since was out of cash.. In fact, ald planned to come again soonest possible.. Haha~

We went to have dinner in dunno-wat-place.. A fast one.. Then we walked to MRT station.. But along the way, we had to go through a lot of places.. Haha.. The CNY Bazaar.. The place tat have delayed us.. We took pictures there.. A lot of pictures.. And bought some souvenirs too.. Very tiring but enjoyable.. We had great time there walking along the street and taking pictures.. Meanwhile chatting like crazy.. As usual.. SoLobies.. Haha! We taken pic with a GOLDEN TREE.. BIG Choi Shen.. Dragon Chair.. Ken even being Showered by Golden Paper.. Pengsan~~ After a long and sweaty walk, at last, we reached @ MRT station and went back respectively..

The entire trip is a bit rush and packed but still I did enjoy myself.. The only thing that bothers me the most is calling out or answering call~ So reluctant to do so man~ haha.. 1 min costs me RM1.50.. Call out or call in.. Gosh.. And when reached Malaysia, my both hp numbers have run out of credit lo~~ Really gek sim! Besides, this trip.. We are FULL all the time.. Due to the food provided by the Golf Club (Our training held in Legend Gold Club).. Good food.. Just couldn't resist! Wahahaha.. Another thing.. Very "xiasui"ly.. I did not know that in Singapore, there are no EXACT toll like in Malaysia.. Haha~ Really memperxiasuikan!!!! =P

Overall, it's a great trip.. Since it is free! Haha.. Cannot ask for more.. Hopefully, the next time I be there.. I can do a lot of shopping and walk around~ I believe it would be great!

Jason Siah
11.20pm 8th March 2007


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