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Sunday, April 22, 2007

~"Sweating" Trip to Melaka.. Cari Makan oo!~

Had a 1-day trip with a gang of friends to Melaka.. Never thought this would be a 1-day trip which I really don wish to have the 2nd time as it was really damn exhausted and tiring!! The nite before I stayed overnite at Ocean's house.. We chatted since then till early in the morning @ 4.40am!!! And we need to wake up @ 5am! Yes, we only slept for 20min!! Tired but we did enjoy ourselves.. We went to Stacy's house and park my car there.. Syl joined us and 5 of us with the presence of Gary as well departed from Cheras to Melaka.. We stopped @ Petronas in Sempadan Melaka.. Jo's car with Mav, Sammie & Andrew.. And Shaz's car with Jack & Paul joining us right after that.. We continued our journey to Melaka and found a place to have our breakfast.. Lousy place with Lousy food.. So, I do not want to include this into our stations of the day.. Hehe!

There, Shaz's friends, May & Orange joined us and nicely, they be our 1-day tourist guides.. They brought us to the 1st station.. To eat Chicken Rice.. Bola-bola version.. Hehe! This place is famous.. Even the Astro's program came here before.. Look @ the pic.. =P We tried out the so-called popular Nasi Ayam.. It was good to me but actually not to say VERY GOOD.. but we enjoyed our 2nd breakfast of course.. We eat and started to camwhore.. Ocean suggested to go for the nice Chendol but most of us could not take in already so we decided to take a walk first before we consume anymore food.. Just to highlight.. Before reaching this Nasi Ayam stall, we parked our car just next to OCBC Melaka Branch! Hehe.. So happy to see OCBC here in Melaka~ =P

It was about Noon time when they decided to take a walk to the famous RedHouse area and the Museum!! The sun was so damn BIG and HOT!! Burning almost everyone of us.. We walked so much somemore.. Really killing me! We decided to visit the Museum and there, we got discount price of RM2 for each of us~ Do we really look like students?? Cos that's the student's price! Haha~ In the museum, apa lagi? Camwhore lor!! If not, nothing much to do wor.. We drama in the museum.. We take pic like nobody business.. Until everyone was sweating so much~ Suddenly we got to one room.. Which has a BIG aircond.. Wow~ So cooling.. We were all so relieved and happy.. Haha~ We took few pic outside the museum especially our Group pic too and then we proceed to the next station lor..

After this damn hot and tiring walk in the Museum.. We decided to get into a COOLer place!! Which is the shopping complex just opposite the Museum.. We spent our time there walking around.. But my legs are NUMB and I could not walk anymore!! At last, we sit on the bench and waited for others to come.. After that.. We stopped by this "tong-sui" stall and we had our cooling session with all those cooling "tong-sui"..

It's Chendol Time!! Which Oscar was so desperate to eat.. Hehe~ We all went to this quite tiny place with a "home-cooked" style food.. We ordered Mee Siam, Mee Kari.. and of course Chendol!!! Very satisfiying to say.. All food are nice!! Really really impressive especially the Chendol!! Maybe because of the weather as well.. Too hot which really suitable for a bowl of cool and yummy Chendol.. Din really take pic here cos everyone was too busy to eat.. Concentrate on the good food.. Right after that, some of us did not have enough.. We went to another Chendol's place!! I din order this time cos I was really full~ But there are quite a lot of flavors as well.. Ocean ordered DURIAN flavor somemore!!!!!! Ouch~ So the "different".. Hehe

This 2nd Chendol place is located @ The Jonker Street.. So, we took the opportunity to walk along the Jonker Street doing some minor shopping.. All of us separated into few groups after the Chendol session.. Oscar and I was walking along this street "window" shopping.. We walked back & forth looking around.. Oscar get himself 2 woodoo.. And there~ I started to feel a bit dizzy but still okie.. We joined Andrew & Sammie in a restaurant to cool down.. When I sat on the chair. my head started to "PUSING" really seriously!! I felt so damn dizzy even I could not stand up!!! Luckily, I have Andrew, Sammie & Oscar to chat with me.. Making me laugh and forgetting about my dizziness~ They told me several ways to cool down.. Andrew asked me to keep on drinking water.. I drank.. Oscar put the cold bottle on my neck.. Sammie's role? Make me laugh and laugh and laugh lor.. Hehe! Anyway, thanks friends.. At last~ I managed to stand up on my own and walked to shishi in the toilet! Wahahaha!

So drama la both of us! =P

Before we proceed to our last station of the day, our dinner, we went to a place which sell a lot of local food.. We do our shopping there again.. I just bought few things.. There, rain came.. I think God knows we were really too hot and that's why giving us a cooler environment.. We followed our tour guides to a place for dinner but the environment is a bit erm.. WET.. And a lot of mosquitoes so we decided to change the place.. A place well known with SeaFood.. There are around 10 stalls in that particular area.. But heard that only 1 sells the best SeaFood.. Too bad, it's just too crowded and we could not wait longer.. We went to stall number 8 and we ordered.. Before that, we celebrated Jack's birthday! Hapi Bday Jack!! Thanks May & Orange for the superb Mango Cake! Taste so nice~ After that, we enjoyed our dinner happily and went back home respectively..

This is really a great trip.. Eventhough it was damn tiring and exhausting.. Eventhough I almost fainted~ Eventhough we sweat damn much~ But we did enjoy ourselves very much as well~ We ate a lot of good food.. Compared to our previous Penang Trip~ Hehe.. We enjoyed chatting with each other.. Taking pic like nobody business.. It was superb! Really thank you for everyone to make this successful! Thanks again to Ocean, Sammie & Andrew for the wonderful jokes when I almost fainted.. Thanks all!! May we look forward to the upcoming activity!!

Wahaha! Funny funny..

Look @ the Handsome Model.. Ocean Tan..

Jason Siah
23rd April 2007


  • At 11:44 PM, Blogger bebe^monkay *~ said…

    good memories!
    i enjoyed our trip!!!
    cant wait to go for another one wit all of u!! :D

  • At 1:01 PM, Blogger thej said…

    What a name.. haha~ bebe monkay somemore.. LoL Ya, I enjoyed as much as you do!!! Hehe~ Looking forward to next meet up! =D


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