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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

~FATHER is a FreeMan..~

I still have 3 pending posts to be updated.. 2 birthday celebrations and 1 tagged by Joan.. But I am just too thrilled and excited to blog about this first.. The greatest and happiest news of all in these 2 & half years!

I started to face this problem since I was just out to work.. I still remember, that time I was in SoNy.. The problem was about my dad.. He has been involved in some not-too-good activities which being charged by the PIHAK BERKUASA~ =P There and then, the case has been dragged till now! After all these years.. At last, we have got the RESULT~ And we got the BEST result of all!

SMS from sister: Ko, dad is discharged so no need to worry k? Hehe..

SMS from Dad: Case aquitted. FATHER now a freeman!..

I am really really happy and hv much appreciation to God.. For giving my dad a chance.. Giving us a change to really continue with our happy life together in ONE family.. Thanks Lord..

Of course.. I am relieved enough to thank all my friends that have been supporting me all these while.. Lend their very hands and ears when I needed them~ My brothers, WaiHoong & WaiBoon.. My best friends.. Kenway, MunKeet.. Those who helped me before.. Joel bro, Lester.. Yarching, Geok.. As well as my good fren cum colleague.. Puteri Intan.. All of u.. Whoever's names that I have forgotten to put in.. Really really sorry.. I am just too excited now which I could not think of anything at the very moment.. =D

May God Bless My Family and All Of Yours too..

Jason Siah

5.03pm 11th April 2007


  • At 9:10 AM, Anonymous jason said…

    glad to hear about your dad. my dad once went to prison. Well , actually just the lockup but he was innocent. Dono what the police are doing ...

  • At 1:14 PM, Blogger thej said…

    Hi.. No worries.. I am more than happy and thrilled now.. =D Everything has been settled now.. And no more issue.. Yeah.. =D



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