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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

~Dedicated to AhBeng Didi..~

Received a sudden call from Kakak Stacy on last Saturday for a sudden dinner in MidValley.. Shhh.. It was supposed to be a Surprise Dinner for Ah Beng la~~ Cos his birthday is at the corner.. Wait! It's actually today!! 4th April!! Haha~ We decided to throw him the cake at his face and SURPRISE!!! Too bad.. Our plan failed.. Cos no one gonna throw the cake to him OBVIOUSLY.. I only dare to throw him with CARROT.. Wahahahaha~

Kakak Stacy & Kakak Jo.. 2 DaiGaJies reached there kinda early to buy the cake and dunno what else they did there.. Hehe~ I joined them later but nobody was there yet except 3 of us.. Waiting and zhi zhi zham-ing among us.. And there we saw Kopi!! But.. He just wanted to tell us that he had to Help his Friend and will join us back LATER.. After 1 & half hours.. So, 3 of us decided to proceed with our dinner first as we were really hungry! Both of them were so eager to taste the Asam Laksa in Jaya Jusco but too bad.. All SoLd OuT.. So, we proceed to Little Penang.. Still they ordered Asam Laksa while I ordered Nasi Lemak Rendang.. Yummy.. We had our wonderful dinner while waiting for the Birthday Boy, Ah Beng to join us..

At that time, we still thought that we could give him a surprise by throwing him the CAKE but then.. His old friends arrived at MidValley and we needed to change place to KimGary.. That period of time, I guess was the time that he knew we had bought him a cake for birthday celebration.. Haha~ Chit! Tak syiok langsung! Ish ish.. Meantime.. Adrian and Gary joined us too.. Adrian, a new friend.. I am happy to know him because he is the first person that I know with the same birthday as me.. 30th August! Hehe~ Nice meeting you! So, we proceed to KimGary and we just ordered some drink and zhi zhi zham there..

Of course la.. Besides than zhi zhi zham.. We definitely enjoyed the moment of celebrating AhBeng's birthday la.. Hehe.. Sing song.. Blow candles.. Cut cake.. Eat cake.. Cannot lack any one of the steps geh.. =P AhBeng seems very happy and excited that nite.. We are happy to see that too.. Hehe~ Eventhough he din really say it out at that moment.. But I think we all can feel that la.. Betul tak AhBeng Didi? LoL

Last but not the least.. Surely wanna dedicate this post to AhBeng Didi.. Hehe~ This is really a good timing as today is his BiRtHdaY.. Yeah.. Wish you Bhappy Always.. This is the most important.. Wish you dreams come true.. Especially your couple wishes.. =D Of course, hope that you could get an ideal job with a good salary and boss very soon!! And.. Wish that you will have a great birthday nite today! HaPpY BiRtHdaY!!!!

Below are some cute pictures that I like very much.. Enjoy..

1st.. Spot the Difference.. Look at Kakak Stacy's expression.. So CUTE! Hehe..

See this cute Jo.. Tweety bird's mouth.. Hehe..

Yeah.. We are actually connected and talking through eyes wave.. =P

Jason Siah
4th April 2007


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