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Sunday, January 13, 2008

~Last Gathering of 2007.. G Triple..~

OMG! This is so late and so slow!.. Hahaha~ It's supposed to be last year's post!.. Now only I managed to squeeze some time to update my blog.. But still, not too free for longggggg story. Thus, make it short!.. haha~ Okie, this is the last activity of 2007 for me!.. It's a gathering with my secondary schoolmates, G Triple!..

In conjunction with Evelyn's birthday.. We bought a cake for her and of course we celebrated with her lor.. She has this Red Wine (fruit juice la!..) for herself to POP!.. Haha~ Happy Birthday Gal!..

I feel so paiseh myself to share about this.. Exchanging gifts!.. Ya, this is actually our Christmas Gathering too!.. Haha~ I noe Thaipusam is already coming but I am still updating about Christmas.. Sorry lor.. =P As the conclusion, all the gifts are good and we all like it!.. =D

I got a PIGGIE tabung and I just love it so much!.. Hehe~ More money to be saved ma! LoL Anyway, we are actually happier that we can still attend to this gathering and we still have each other in our hearts.. This is most precious thing.. =D

Not forgetting to congratulate Joe aka Wong Lai for her good news!.. Getting married lu!.. And that's our bride!.. =D Match ma?

Yeah.. This is G Triple!.. How do we get this names? Once upon the time.. Haha~ During our secondary school in fact.. We are just crazy like hell~ So, we called ourselves GILA~ And we are just too GILA until we must times 3! So.. It becomes G TRIPLE!.. LoL Ya ya.. We cant come out with a better name ok? We were just Form 3 la... =P

Jason Siah
4.26pm 21st January 2008


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