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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

~Still Remember Templer's Park?..~

Really long time never go to this place already.. Still remember the last time I went to Templer's Park was during Form 3.. If I am not mistaken.. With G Triple.. Hahahaha!.. Really nice to come back.. The place is still the same.. Just more crowd now.. Cleanliness.. I think still the same.. The water still cooling.. Mosquitoes.. Still BABI!.. Hahaha~ This time, being invited by Colin and Simon.. 1st time I could be the reference point for direction to some where!.. Never been though~ Normally I am the 1 who lost!.. Wahahahaha~

We started with a long way of climbing!.. I called it climbing as it's really tiring for me!.. Haha~ We have to choose a higher point as there was so much crowd tat day.. We must find a spot which has nobody at all and we can enjoyed ourselves much much!.. Pic above refers.. We started there with calm and cool condition.. Chatting in the poo-poo.. Then we started to get SPLASH with everyone!!!.. And of course.. Last but not the least.. We got CRAZY lor!.. It's definitely FUN though!.. =D

At last.. Just 1 word to describe lor.. WET!.. What else leh? Hehe~ But we really enjoyed ourselves very much.. It's called picnic.. So, we brought some food.. We have Nasi Lemak.. Currypuff.. Indomee.. Kuih-muih.. Drinks and even Roti Canai!.. Yeah~ We enjoyed the food and played games inside the water.. Wat games? No need to elaborate la.. Then we take some time for picture sessions.. I feel really happy to have the chance to enjoy the time with them.. The laughters.. Enjoyment.. Fun.. All there!.. =D

Brian (Left): Apa mau buat?

Brian: Masih tak tau apa mau buat!..

At first, we really did not take much pictures.. I thought they are not camwhore~ So, I din dare to really ask for everyone to take pic as I usually do.. Mana tau~ After picnic activities, we started to get short-short.. Just look at the pic.. Body Balance la.. Body Jam la.. All came out~ Hmm.. Luckily they din say wanna do Body Combat~ Sei bei hui dei tei!.. Hahaha~ But well, we really enjoying ourselves la.. Being sampat~ hehe!.. Really Jam-maniacs!..

Of course, not forgetting all the group pic lor.. Thanks for those who hold the camera and snapped the pic for others.. And thanks to ANONYMOUS for taking pic for us as well.. I bet they sure ask 1 question.. Hmm.. 1st time see so many guys picnic together hor?!.. LoL Well, my 1st time as well.. =P

A fun, enjoyable, happy, excited, relax and thrilled day!.. Thanks all..

Jason Siah
11.25am 3rd February 2008


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