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Sunday, March 02, 2008

~J's "Rat" CNY of 2008.. Part 1..~

OMG!! It's so COLD here.. Because of my own fault!.. I am just too busy to update my blog or to read blogs nowadays!!.. Haih~~ Busy making me lazy~ =P Anyway, I am happy that today, I could have this time to update my blog at last!.. Yippie!.. And of course.. It's about my CNY of 2008! Yaya, I noe it has been passed for about a month now but still.. I would like to share share lor..

Okie.. CNY is always a festive season that I love the most!.. Every year, I would be so excited to wait for CNY.. Cos, I can have a strong reason to do shopping for myself.. Hehe~ I could get holidays.. I could gamble like nobody business.. I could eat all I can.. I could receive angpaus!.. I could visit friends and families' houses~~ I could have lots of fun!!!!!! How could I miss CNY then??? Not going to elaborate more on what I did during CNY.. Pictures say it all..

Chor-Yat.. 1st Day of CNY..
~ Went to a more than 100-year old Temple in Kuala Kubu Bahru with my family..
~ As usual, went "bai nin" with G Triple members.. But this year.. Just left few of us..
~ We went to Ken's house.. Then we went to McD to chit chat for a while.. Yes, McD.. Then we proceed to Kundang.. WeeYan's house.. Juit's house.. Suki's house and Kyk's house..
~ Also as usual.. We went to watch movie @ One U.. This year.. I bring along my family.. Hehe! And we watched CJ7!!!! Nice show..

Chor-Yi.. 2nd Day of CNY..
~ We went to my Big Aunt's house.. My dad's Elder Sis.. We had lunch there..
~ We visited my 99-year old GrandAunt!.. She is still strong.. Just a bit blur and keep on asking WHO ARE YOU?..
~ We then went to my Uncle's house.. Mum's 2nd Brother.. We had dinner there..
~ We as well celebrated Dad's birthday there.. Chocolate Indulgence Babe!.. =P

Chor-Sam.. 3rd Day of CNY..
~ We went to 4th GrandAunt's house.. Located @ Ampang..
~ We went to another GrandAunt's house which located @ Tmn Billion.. Rich ppl.. Super BIG house..
~ We taken some funny and crazy picture in the BIG house's garden..

Chor-Sei.. 4th Day of CNY..
~ We went to another Aunt's house.. Mum's Cousin Sis.. We had lunch there..
~ We went to another Aunt's house.. Mum's Cousin Sis also.. My mum given training to my aunt on how to iron the shirt nicely.. Wahahhahaa!..

Chor-Mm.. 5th Day of CNY..
~ Start work lor!! So boring to go back working.. But happy to see Lion Dance in my company as well!!!.. Hehe..

More pictures and fun moment of CNY to share.. Stay tune!.. =D
Kung Hey Kung Hey!..

Jason Siah
10.58pm 4th February 2008


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