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Sunday, June 03, 2007

~Wuliao Tag..~

So far, I hv 5 tags to be completed but really really sorry.. I am really busy these few weeks for my work~ hehe.. So I DECIDED just to complete this one as long time I have never updated my blog~ Blek.. Jo, sorry ar.. I really no time to do ur tag.. haha! but thanks for tagging me.. And this one.. Tagged by Jared..

Q1. Please describe yourself. oh yea? with a word which starts with T !! haha..( t for tintintwinktwink wad ;) ) It can be English, Singlish, Malay, Chinese, or Hokkian Cantonese whatever u wish!
Tiu Nia Sing! --> Wahahahaha~ I know it's not describing me but I just can think of this word cos it is very FUNNY! =P

Q2. Now look at the keyboard of your laptop or desktop. Does it have dirt or dust between the keys? haha~
Got.. Abit lor~ Wahaha!

Q3. Now look at yourself in the mirror. ok attention please. pinch your right upper cheek, 1.568 cm apart from your nose, with the tips of ur fingernails ya. hardly ya. ya tht's it. for 5 seconds ya. d harder the better ya till it gets real red. it's good for health u know. ya that's it. and now don let go your hands first ya. freeze! take a camera and take a picture now ~~ i wana see the picture posted as well!!! haha~~~

Q4. Now look inside your wallet or purse. Are the notes crumpled up or in proper order?
ALWAYS in proper order..

Q5. Now take a look at the screen of your handphone. Isit full of fingerprints? or squeaky clean?? ;P
Yeah~~ CLEAN..

Q6. Now, go grab a book at the bookshelf. The book must have white cover. If not, a light blue-colored one. turn to page 13. Move your fingers to the 2nd line. Please type out the 3rd word of the line, and start making a sentence with it. The sentence must contain the word "Fergielicious" as well. tadah~~!!
Oops.. Lazy to get up!

Q7. ok now, stop the craps and start some serious question. Now tell me, what particular type of shoes you like. Why the color? Why the design? Why the label if you wish?
No PARTiCulAR shoes.. As long as I like it and comfortable..

Q8. "Life's like ice-cream. Enjoy it before it melts." Do you agree with it? Totally agree? In what extend and why?
AGREE! If u don eat the ice-cream at once.. of course MELT lor!!! Adui..

Q9. Avril Lavigne sucks . do u agree? LOL Hayden!!!!! ;p
No idea~

Q10. And lastly, are you happy today ? :D be happy always~~
Definitely happy!! But a bit blue cos tomorrow is Monday!

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Don wanna TAG anyone.. =P

Jason Siah
3rd June 2007


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