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Sunday, January 28, 2007

~Penang Trip Part 4.. Last Day..~

This is the the last update about our Penang Trip~ Mmm.. I know I know.. I am damn slow~ It's already a week but I am still blogging about Penang?! Hahaha! But I like to update slowly.. Still can refresh the sweet and good moments in Penang together with these friends~ Okie.. Back to this post.. It's about our Last day (Thanks God!!) in Penang.. We wake up not too late so that we have sufficient time to take pic on the beachside~ Eventhough we are not planning to have any water activities but still, we do not wanna miss the chance to take some incredible pic on the nice beach!!

But early birds who took off to the beach were only me, Sylvia & Stacy.. We were there first to take pic while waiting for the others to join us.. We took a lot of pic of our very own style.. Face the beach.. Not face the beach.. Anything.. Haha~ And then, others came and joined us with the camwhore session!! It was a very nice time to take pic in this kind of great environment.. The weather is really good.. Bright but not too much~ Windy but not too strong.. =D Too bad.. Our Kakak Stacy being cheated by 1 stupid guy who forced her to take a ride on the horse!! Cheated her for RM60~ Ish~ Really angry about that!!! Besides, our Hero, Mr Kopi has taken a ride too.. But not on the horse.. It's on the Parasailing.. Flew HIGH above the sky.. Hehe~

Then we made our move to check-out.. Of course, before that, we taken some group pic.. It's so damn nice~ Just look at those pic (the most BOTTOM).. I cant resist to just keep them.. Have to upload ALL!! =P We had our so-called breakfast opposite the hotel.. Not too good.. But not too bad as well.. This time I had the Asam Laksa! Hehe.. At least I can tell ppl I ate that in Penang! Eventhough not the most popular and nicest de.. Haha.. We departed from the hotel.. We stopped by CHEE HIANG to buy Penang famous "hiong beng".. Managed to take some pic there too.. And then we departed to look for our Lunch~ In Nibong Tebal.. Highly recomended by Ah Beng.. Take a look here.. The restaurant looks a bit old but the food is quite nice.. Very fresh.. Quite delicious.. The main course that Ah Beng has been recommending all the while we were in Penang is the Crab Porridge.. Too bad.. It wasn't THAT GOOD.. Just ok.. but still.. Quite special~ Thanks to Ah Beng lor.. Hehe~~ And then.. What else? We continued our journey back home lor.. Haha~

On the way home, we saw RAINBOW and it was so awesome to have this companion of God.. Really cant resist to take the pic and look at it all the way that I could have the chance before it's disappeared..

Before really going back.. We stopped by in Ipoh again~ We bought some local "food".. Hehe~ All of us.. Before buying, we were eating so happily in the shop~ Bcos we tested almost everything that can be tested in the shop! Wahahaha.. Funny funny~ I have prove on that of course.. Just look at those pic! LoL After the "tea-break".. They decided to send me home and have dinner in Rawang.. So grateful and appreciate very very much to them for sending me back home!!!! =D So, I brought them to try out the Rawang famous White Coffee and Fried Hokkien Mee!! Wait wait.. White Coffee?? Thought that was the famous drink in IPOH!?! Haha.. Yes, it still is.. Just that we missed the White Coffee in Ipoh so, take the 2nd choice, Rawang punya lor~ haha! I hope they all enjoyed the dinner la.. There and then, they sent me home.. And went home respectively.. Happily ever after..

That's all about the Last Day of our Penang Trip~ It's really a packed one~ This Penang Trip.. As just what I mentioned in my 1st update, we din really get the nicest food.. We din really go to the greatest place.. But we enjoyed really really much~ And now we are actually planning the next trip already.. I hope that I could join again and we will be having a lots of fun again and again!!! Lastly, before closing up this Penang CASE, would really like to thank all of them~ For being so nice to me in this entire trip.. Thanks to Ah Beng and Stacy for their cars and be the drivers.. Thanks for sending me home.. Thanks to Jo for the 4 stars hotel~ Thanks to Tony for letting me sleep on his sofa for 5 hours while I was sick!! Thanks to Xiao Mei Sylvia for always bringing us laughters.. Thanks to Mikel for those marvelous pic!! Thanks to Kopi & Mav as well.. Nice knowing both of you.. Besides, also.. Thanks to Ah Beng's gal fren again.. For the name of Mashimaro.. Blek~~

P/S: Not to forget all the Groupie Photos that we have taken.. Enjoy..

Jason Siah
28th January 2007


  • At 5:30 PM, Blogger Jo said…

    muahaha..u r not the slowest one..
    coz i still at part 2 leh..part 3 is coming lah..kekeeke...
    oh yeah..i still 2 more pending yet to rush leh..omg..times is not enuff, i need more hand n fingers now..pls help me!!

  • At 9:32 PM, Blogger thej said…

    Wahahaha~ Yuan Lai you are even slower than me ar? Adui.. U soooo slow ga??? **Now I can ask this! hahaha.. Fast fast la.. me waiting for ur updates oso leh.. hehehe~~


  • At 4:02 AM, Blogger Crayn Tay said…




  • At 1:09 PM, Blogger thej said…

    Very happy to see u here.. Hehe.. I just visited ur blog yest but din leave any msg cos quite rush.. Hehe.. paiseh.. Of course u can do the same thing with ur frens.. I saw ur Christmas Celebration update.. Very nice as well.. We shall hv such a life.. Working + enjoy our moments with frens & family.. =D

    My address??? Ha~ Even I give to u, u also wouldn't know how to come la.. wahahaha~ I am not staying in KL.. Anyway, u get Tony's then we can meet up together~ ok? =D


  • At 3:46 AM, Blogger Crayn Tay said…




  • At 2:33 PM, Blogger thej said…

    生意很差? Haha~ Icic.. No la.. My office here connection very ngong one, sometimes can visit other ppl blogs sometimes cant~ When back home..busy pulak.. hahaha!!

    Ok.. my address..
    48000 RAWANG, SEL

    Hehe~ =D


  • At 3:05 AM, Blogger Crayn Tay said…

    ok..i will try to drive there..


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