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Thursday, January 25, 2007

~Penang Trip Part 3.. Golden Sand & Steamboat..~

It's time to go check-in to our 4 Star Hotel lo! =P But very da sui.. We missed a junction from KekLokSi to Batu Feringhi which leads us back to the Town (Komtar) then make a BIG U-Turn then only managed to find the way to Batu Feringhi! Hooh~~ What a long journey~ Haha! Anyway, at last, we reached to the beautiful Golden Sand Resort where we would be staying for 2 days 1 night.. Check-in of course is the first step..

Then, we went into our rooms respectively.. Everyone is very tired and sleepy.. Especially the drivers.. Mr Beng and Ms Stacy.. They decided to have a sleep first and then only take picture on the beach or swimming pool~ Sylvia and Joan went for swimming.. I was planning to swim as well but waited for Tony finished his bath, I don feel to swim already.. Very lazy.. so, just stayed in the hotel watching tv with Kopi and Tony while Beng and Mikel slept SWEEEETly.. Another room.. Syl and Jo went for swimming.. Stacy and Maverick was dreaming together.. Oops! Separately.. Different bed.. Wahahahaha! Just kidding nia.. LoL

Frankly speaking, we have really wasted a lot of time here in the hotel room~ We stayed near the beach but we did not even go to the beachside and have fun there! When the time we wanted to take some pic on the beachside before going for our dinner.. RAIN is jealous with us.. Haiyo~~ Ya, raining.. So, we could not take pic at all! We ran back to the lobby and wait for Joan's fren, Marcus to decide where he gonna bring us for dinner.. While waiting for that, we all taking pic around the hotel lobby lo.. Apa lagi??

Since it's raining, our plan to Gurney Drive has to be cancelled.. Marcus brought us to a Steamboat place.. Steamboat buffet it said BUT not much choices of food!! 2 soups being served.. TomYam and normal.. Of course I chose the TomYam la!! Haha~ We have great time there cooking and eating~ Chatting and crazy-ing at the same time!! Full.. But really HOT and OILY.. In terms of environment, outer part very nice.. Romantic tim.. But inside.. Damn HOT! Should have made some fans that suck the oil and heat OUT and not just preparing few BIG fans but all the heat are still rounding inside the restaurant.......... @_@''' Anyway, there is a pleasant surprise for this dinner..Frostie joined us for this hot and spicy dinner~ Really glad to see him.. He is so different from his picture~ Haha.. Really different.. Much more slimmer in real person.. A bit tired.. But stil cute la dude! =P

After the dinner, we went to a club to have a drink.. Marcus still has half bottle of the wine there so all of us went there to 'pek zhao'.. Haha! And there I got my new nickname!! Mashimaro Siah~~ Thanks to Ah Beng's girlfriend lo.. Suddenly told him I look like Mashimaro~ Dunno wanna feel sad or happy.. Deng~ So now.. They call me Mashimaro.. Beng lagi teruk.. Call me Mashi!! Wahahaha~ So bad~ =P After getting DRUNK.. We went back to our hotel.. But not ends yet.. We went to Feringhi area.. Just outside of our hotel to walk walk and do some shopping.. Buy wat? DVD lo!! Hahaha~ We all got quite a lot of DVDs.. After finishing our shopping there, we went back to hotel..

In the hotel.. Thought we can finally have a good and sweeet dream.. Who knows? They still don wanna sleep yet.. Brought along the poker cards, UNO cards and beer to be played in our room.. Everyone was so sleepy at that time actually but still, try to bertahan sampai habis~ I was being AWAKEN by them hardly.. wahahaha~ But then, I slept before the game ended.. Cos really beh tahan ald!! LoL After that, the things that happened.. I dunno liao lor.. Cos I met with Mr Chow Gong!!! =P

Part 4 will be the LAST DAY in Penang.. Wait ya! =D

Jason Siah

11.31pm 25th January 2007


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