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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

~Penang Trip Part 2..QBay Mall & KekLokSi..~

QBay Mall.. Stands for QueensBay Mall.. The biggest shopping mall in Penang, I supposed.. Ya, after the short walk in Penang Pasar Pagi.. We decided to go to QueensBay Mall as all of the gals wanna go there to do some window shopping.. As we reached there, we found out that it's really big.. The environment is not bad.. But not too many shops and it's just another shopping mall like MidValley or One U..

We were just walking around from Level 4 to Level 3.. Then 2 and 1.. LoL Of course, not forgetting to camwhore all along the "walking" la.. We came to this toilet where the walls are all in Orange Color.. Really quite interesting.. So, we took some pic there for sure.. Cannot missed even a chance ma rite? LoL We also taken some pic in this Starbucks area which we found that the environment is not bad as well.. Nothing to do.. So, we just can camwhore lor.. We have to wait for those that have to meet their friends in Penang..

So, Stacy, Sylvia, Maverick, Joan and myself went to have a drink on Lower Ground Floor.. We had some ginseng thingy drink to really cool ourselves down cos we din really sleep much on the journey.. After all these walking and wandering-around moment in the biggest mall of Penang, we decided not to waste anymore time but to find the way towards KekLokSi which is 1 of the famous tourist spots in Penang!! This time, I be the Tour leader, driving Stacy's car and following the signboard as per told by Tony's friend.. At last, we successfully reached KekLokSi!!

The place is crowded.. Eventhough still have many shops have not opened yet but still crowded.. We passed by all the shops without stopping by actually.. **Dunno what we actually wanted for.. LoL Then we reached the pool where a lot of turtles being rared.. Of course, we stopped by for a while to camwhore each other lo!! We walked all the way UP to the top~ Hehe.. Not ALL THE WAY la actually.. Hahaha.. We actually ride the cable-car halfway to the TOP where Ms KuanYin is standing High above~~ The cable-car is quite nice.. Got air-cond somemore.. LoL We managed to take some pic on the top and we met 1 very cute kid!!!!! Cant remember her name but she is damn cute~ U can see urself in the pic~~ =D Look like the kid in Monster Inc. What do you think? Haha! I bought my family a chinese zodiac of hp strings.. Each of them.. Nice! And also bought myself a pink-pearl bracelet!! Good for PR.. Relationship with other ppl.. Wahahahahaha~~~

Go back time~ Really really RAPID.. Everyone was like "rolling-down" from the top to the food stall located bottom of KekLokSi to get ourselves drinks and food!! Haha.. This is what we called, hunger for food and drinks so damn much~ LoL I had KueyTiao Goreng.. Not so nice as well.. Even Rawang's better.. But according to the others, the Asam Laksa is good! Aiks.. Missed it~ =P We then continue our journey to Golden Sand Resort.. Our hotel!!!!

Part 3 is coming then.. Golden Sand Resort..

Jason Siah
24th January 2007


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