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Monday, January 22, 2007

~Penang Trip Part 1.. Pasar Pagi..~

Ya, u can forsee that my coming updates gonna be all about our Penang Trip.. Just back from Penang yesterday night.. A very tiring but yet enjoyable trip.. Eventhough we do not have much NICE food in this trip.. We do not take much pic on the beach.. We do not go to special places in Penang.. BUT still, we enjoyed ourselves very very much~ In fact, going with these bunch of "consider" new friends really comfortable and thrilled~ They are BengHan, Stacy, Tony, Sylvia, Mikel, Jo, Maverick & Kopi.. (Actually before going.. I was sick.. Luckily, taken medicine and slept for 5 hours +, I am fully recovered!!)

We started our journey from Tony's place @ about 2am plus.. From there we went into the highway.. Passed by Rawang as well.. (Hehe...) And directly ZOOM to Ipoh.. ZOOM? Hmm... U know what? These drivers.. They really like to "Initial D".. LoL Ya, with our speed, we reached Ipoh by 5.30am.. We wanted to look for the famous Dimsum restaurant initially but then we could not find it and we just stopped by one of the shops which somehow also selling dimsum to have our early breakfast.. Very disappointing, the Dimsum sucks~ Not good at all.. But still, we ate alot! Haha.. There and then, we continued our speeding track again towards our main checkpoint, Penang it is!!

We went to the Pasar Pagi @ Penang.. Reached there about 8am plus.. A lot of ppl.. Crowded with aunties and uncles.. Quite a lot to be seen here.. Very crowded environment.. Ppl selling things.. Buying and eating.. We found a place to have our 2nd breakfast of the day.. Actually, just me and BengHan were eating.. Others just yamcha.. We make it very very fast as it was damn hot there! We wandering around cos we do not know where to go so early as our check-in time to the hotel is at 2pm! Then, they decided to go to the new shopping mall in Penang.. The biggest one in Penang as well.. The Queensbay Mall..

So.. Lookout for the 2nd update about Queenbay Mall!!!

Jason Siah
10.43pm 22nd January 2007


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