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Thursday, January 18, 2007

~J2's Birthday @ Luna Bar..~

This is the nite that J2 have been waiting for since last year.. Jocelyn & Joel.. Their birthdays fall on January so they have come out with this plan to celebrate together in Luna Bar.. As usual, we do have a theme for the nite and initially it was RAINBOW nite.. Ya.. Means everyone needs to wear like RAINBOW. 7 colors combination.. But then, they changed the theme to Private Party.. And I was stupid enough to not realize that actually they want to have a "Make Up Party"!!!! Which means everyone needs to have 1 Theme for their costume!!!! So.. That nite.. I wore very simple smart casual~~ Deng.. So FAILED!

We have some very interesting costume on that nite.. We have Doctors.. We have Chef.. We have Rabbit.. Students.. Cowgal.. Superstar.. Prince.. Indian Gal.. bla bla bla.. We even have SAMURAI.. But this Samurai Failed de la.. More fail than me~ Wahahahaha! Actually, it was a bit akward to have such a party in Luna Bar as we don get any Private Room.. It's open-aired.. Everyone was like looking at this bunch of lunatic wearing so weirdly drinking and crazy-ing in such a good environment place!! Hahaha~ But second thought, it was so damn fun & funny!! We had our nice time there of course taking pic with each other since everyone has different theme.. Drinking and chatting all nite long~ We started to be there since 8pm till 12am something~! Really geng.. After that, we still went to mamak near Luna Bar and continue chatting while enjoying our supper..

It was a very exciting event for SoLoBies.. At least we have something different.. Haha! "Make Up" Party.. Eventhough need to use "some" $$ la of course.. Haha! But still, thanks to Joce & Joel for the idea.. Just 1 thing I really wanted to share.. Eventhough that nite, everyone is very happy.. Seems ok.. but actually, there are stories hidden behind of each of us.. I am not sure what is the story about but I do understand, everyone has their own problem.. Sometimes, I just feel so grateful that I still have this bunch of crazy friends to accompany me all the way from University period till now.. They have never given up on me and they accepted me for who I am.. That's called True Friends.. And I feel so proud to have so many True Friends around me.. Thanks to you all SoLoBies.. =D

Besides, of course I have to say Happy Birthdays again to Jocelyn and Joel~ Hehe! Wish both of you can live happily ever after.. Can find your dream and make it real~ Can get good job and good lou gong~ Can be happiest gals of all! That nite, they were being "belanja" to drink the FLAMMING wine.. Dont really remember the name exactly.. See the pic below~ How tall is that?! LoL The staff will burn the surface of the wine first then pour directly on the top of the glass and the fire will just follow till the bottom of the glass!! Whoa~ So exciting! Haha~ And according to both of them.. It tasted very nice but really quite GENG la.. After that FLAMMING session, they started to laugh and fat tin cos they are Half Drunk! =P

We have quite a number of BIG events this year for SoLoBies.. After this.. We must work out for our beloved GoldFish & Kelvin's Wedding next month during CNY itself! So fast~ Everyone is very excited about it at the moment.. What to wear? What to prepare? Who to be the driver? Who to do this and that? Haha~ BUt I guess, the most nervous and excited person would still be the bride-to-be.. GoldFish Hoi Jing Yee.. =D Cant wait for that day!! SoLoBies, let's Rock this wedding! LoL

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Jason Siah
18th January 2007


  • At 4:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i saw superb hot sexy babylicious chic!!
    u must b had great fun loh...get drunk boh?hehehehe

  • At 9:44 AM, Blogger ~The J's~ said…

    Wahahaha.. ya, they are really HOT~ LoL Nope.. I din get drunk.. I wont let myself get drunk de.. No worries.. Hehe! =P



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