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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

~Christmas with SoLoBies @ PD..~

As per my subject, yes, last year.. which is year of 2006, SoLoBies' Christmas Celebration was in PD once again.. Hehe.. And this time was a short 1.. Only stay 1 nite there.. Anyhow.. It is still the craziest, funniest and nicest trip of all that I have been to in 2006!! =D I am so grateful again that SoLoBies can keep the promise to celebrate Christmas together.. Eventhough this time, the preparation is not that sufficient.. But still, everything went smooth and no problems have occured.. We managed to reach PD and had crazy time together as usual.. =P

This time we did not book any hotel.. Cos our New President, Wee's Daddy has an apartment there in 1 of the resorts.. So, we stayed there.. BUT when we reached.. NO ELECTRICITY!! That was really "What a Surprised!!??".. We have nothing could be done so we started to play the TWISTER game which I borrowed from my colleague.. The game is fun actually but we were in a too pikchik condition to continue playing.. If we were in an air-cond room, then I believe we would play even more.. Haha~ Twist here and there and all of us could STUCKed together.. Ur butt may be facing other ppl's face.. LoL It's really funny and interesting game.. Moreover, it's TIRING as well!!

After the game, some of us went out to buy the necesarily things for our BBQ.. When we were back.. Wee brought us a good news where we can change another smaller apartment.. Eventhough it's smaller but there is electricity.. Without doubt, all of us SHIFTED to that particular apartment which not too far from the OLD 1.. Half day gone.. We decided to go beachside.. Jalan jalan.. Who knows, there were ppl selling ice-cream.. So, we makan ice-cream while walking along the beach!! Not 1 ice-cream.. But 2!! Wahahaha.. Bcos too hot ald~ Of course, we did have our wonderful time taking pic and crazy-ing on the beach! LoL

Dinner time was the BBQ time.. We prepared quite a lot of food.. Had fun time even we BBQ-ing.. Chatting together.. Makan.. Crapping.. Haha.. What else?? SoLoBies ma.. LoL At the same time, Ken & Wee went out to buy a cake for our little brother, LekKee.. He is our special guest for this time trip~ Hehe.. And fyi, his birthday is on 25th Dec!!! Oh gosh.. Really a Christmas Boy!.. We planned to give him a surprise.. We Diam diam bought the cake.. Everyone takes turn to take shower and asked him to be the last.. When his turn taking bath, we prepared outside.. Cameras, cake, candles, light off.. Haha.. And we all stood in front of the shower room.. When we heard no more water dripping means he already done, we lighted the candles.. BUT suddenly, he turned on the shower again.. So, we blow the candles lor.. And then, this feller suddenly OPENED the door and gave us BACK the surprise! Wuahahahahahaha! So damn clever la this little kiddo.. (No wonder can get 6A's la.. Haha!) He actually knew that we will give him surprise, that's why giving us back~~ @_@ Dammit! Being fooled by a kid!!!

We had nice time after the celebration with our most important session.. Exchanging Gifts! This year, we already got to know who is the person we need to buy the gift to.. Mine is for Jocelyn.. I got to know that she are crazy for Eason Chan's latest album lately.. Thanks to Ken for this piece of info.. So I bought a necklace with J initial.. And bought the CD as well.. But I onli give her the necklace when exchanging gift.. Then when everyone has opened the gifts only I gave the CD to her! Whoa~~ SURPRISED! I am really thrilled and happy when I saw her expression.. Really worth it for me lor.. Haha! =D As for myself.. I got the gift from Bai, Kaiwei.. A big Mr Bean's Bear! So damn nice! Hehe..

As I said, maybe this is really a short trip.. But still, enjoyable and nice enough for me to remember and appreciate.. =D A very wonderful trip before 2007 came.. Last trip for 2006.. Really really memorable.. I am really happy not to miss this trip and looking forward to the next 1 with SoLoBies!! =D

Jason Siah
2nd January 2007


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