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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

~New Year 2007!!~

Really sorry to drag this new year post till now.. A week after~ Haha.. Until now.. After so many demands from all.. I think I really have to update ald... Wahahhaa! Byebye 2006.. Welcome 2007.. This moment, I have a BBQ gathering @ Tony's house with some Friends.. Eventhough not too many of us but it's more than enough.. We had nice time makan and chatting together.. Just looking at the CHEF SHAZ & CHEF JO to BBQ for us already enough lor! =P

Thanks to Tony for fetching me and sending me home! Really appreciate it very very much! I am so grateful cos if not, I could not join this BBQ new year eve dinner already lor! After makan makan, everyone left for countdown but not 5 of us.. Sylvia, Stacy, Jo, Tony and myself.. We stayed @ Tony's house.. Clean wash keep.. Then we started to chat.. And OH My GOD! We chatted till 5.3oam!!!! Really damn tiring! Luckily we got few days of holidays.. If not, really tired till dead~ Hahaha.. Oops! I took MC on 2nd Jan 2007! Choi~~ New year just started already TAKE MC! Wahahaha... =P Besides, thank you to Syl for the nice souvenirs that she brought back from Korea~ KamSaHaMiDa~~

We chatted about.. Erm.. Cannot tell here.. SECRET jst let it remains as SECRET of the year.. But.. we chatted from 2006 till 2007!! This is just CRAZY! Haha.. BUt still, fun! I believe everyone of us hav good time together.. Of course not forgetting those that ABANDON us to countdown.. Shaz & Jack.. Nyakk & Andrew.. BengHan.. Mikel.. Did I miss someone? No right? LoL

Besides, I wish to update about a BakKutTeh Lunch @ Rawang with this bunch of friends as well.. It's a special day cos they are willing to come to Rawang to have lunch!!! This must thank to the famous Dry BakKutTeh of Rawang! Haha.. It's not too bad.. At least, there is something else to be memorized by them of Rawang besides than FAR.. FAR and FAR! Wahahahaha!

They ordered quite a lot of dishes.. Normally we only will order BakKutTeh and maybe another Fish.. But they ordered Chicken as well.. Sayur leh.. It seems alot BUT we SAPU everything lo!! Really geng! The food is not bad.. The price is not too expensive.. Hehe~Not to praise my own place's food but this Dry BakKutTeh in Rawang hor.. Really not bad la.. Quite nice lor.. Hehe.. But.. izzit ok ar I posted up like this??? Got Muslim friends read my blog wor.. TAK HALAL~ LoL

I think tat's all for now.. Wish everyone Happy New Year and May God Bless Everyone of You~ Chill.. 2007 Rocks! =D

Jason Siah

1.23pm 9th January 2007


  • At 8:40 PM, Anonymous Benghan said…

    Hehehee .. What is ABANDON ar ?

  • At 9:20 AM, Blogger ~The J's~ said…

    Aiks~~ ABANDON means LEAVE.. "pao qi" in mandarin.. "pao hei" in canto.. "meninggalkan" in malay.. Wahahaha! Tat's all I noe la.. Nihongo (Japanese), I dunno~ LoL ... So, now you know! Hahaha~



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