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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

~Jangan Gelakkan Orang Lain ya.. Hahaha!..~

I have to blog about this 1st eventhough I stil have several posts pending~ Haha! Bcos it's just too funny.. It is about yesterday's experience with my colleague @ The Curve..

Story starts when Tan & J finished their work out @ the gym.. When they reached the car park, there was this car parking behind Tan's car.. The light was still ON and Tan was teasing ppl~~~~ Happily....

She took out her car key and pressed the button to open the lock of the door BUT she couldn't!.. The alarm is not working.. So, she opened the door with the key.. They felt weird but they didn't say a word.. When Tan tried to start the engine, NOTHING happened!.. Yes, NOTHING means no RESPOND at all~ Not even a tiny miny sound!!!

TanTan was so down and started to feel regret for teasing other people while now they was stucked in the car park with a can't-move-car..

They started to call each other's parent to get some advices and prediction made, battery failure!.. So, they quickly went upstairs to look for help and they found their savior, Mr Adnan!..

Without hesitation, Mr Adnan drove his car and parked next to Tan's car.. A silver Iswara..

And of course, he started the "operation".. Without anymore words.. He took out the Jumper and and after getting the spanar from Tan, he seriously proceed with his actions..

Red to Red, Black to Black...

With the help of Mr Adnan, the car's engine was being GENERATED again!!!.. TanTan was jumping around happily!..

It was time for Tan & J to go back home!~ It was an unexpected night but they were kinda happy as the problem was solved!!!..

The Hero, Mr Adnan left us with his Transformer car~ Kikikuuukukakikuka.. (Hahahaha! This one just sampat..)

And, we could predict that there would be another car calling for help in a very short while................................ >.<||

The morale of the story.. Do not tease or laugh at other ppl when they are in difficulties.. You do not know when it might happen to you the same thing and same condition.. And of course, be grateful always.. Just like TanTan & J.. Hehe!..

End of the story..

P/s: Really thank you for the help from the guard of The Curve, Mr Adnan~ A great compliment to him for his professionalism.. His calmness and dedication helped us reallllly alot in mentally and physically (the car!) Yeah~

Jason Siah
11.00am 30th October 2007


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