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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

~Ocean's Birthday..~

Happy Birthday to my dearest Friend, Mr Ocean Tan!.. Yeah~ Laut punya harijadi oo!.. BESAR ok? Haha~ Was really surprised to know that I could have the chance to celebration Ocean's birthday on the birthday eve itself.. Frankly speaking, when I sms him, I really thought that it gonna be next week or even next 2 weeks after his birthday then only he has the time to entertain me.. Haha~ Who knows, he let the chance to me.. Thank you very much!.. LoL

Not to bore him on his eve, we have asked along Tony, Sammie & Andrew to join us for the birthday celebration dinner.. We have no idea where and what to eat at first.. So, we just wandering around @ One U.. At last, we chose.. Italianies.. We wanted to go for TGIF cos we wanted to see all the staffs there singing loudly for Ocean during the birthday song, blowing candles and cut cake session.. But he refused!.. So, we changed to Italianies.. He was thinking that he gonna have a quiet and peace birthday song session.. =P

We ordered some food and drinks.. Have a nice and pleasant dinner together.. Sammie & Andrew joined us after that.. They brought Ocean something cute and special.. A Dolphin with Chocolate~ Yummy.. =P Of course Tony & I prepared a cake for him and treated him for this dinner.. Hope he likes it.. Hehe~ We chit-chat quite long and then we camwhore a while!.. This one is a must.. Haha!.. And here's the birthday celebration for Ocean Tan!..

Unexpectedly, Italianies as well has the same practice just like TGIF.. The staffs will sing together for the birthday boy and ask even asked him for a speech!.. Haha~ They hooray hooray hooray.. And ciao~ It's reallllly funny!.. Especially when looking at Ocean's expression.. So difficult only could avoid TGIF, mana tau here also the same!.. Haha~ Sorry lah bang.. Cannot run!.. =P

We had a very nice together.. After the dinner, Ocean, Tony & myself continued to yamcha and chatted until 1am something.. As we wanted to be the 1st person to wish Ocean Happy Birthday.. Hehe!.. It's the 26th years lor~ Wish everything goes fine for you.. Wish that you will always bhappy.. Good luck in everything especially in couple luck!.. =P Last but not the least, Happy 26th Birthday, my dearest friend..

Enjoy the video clips below.. =D

Jason Siah
1.48pm 1st Nov 2007


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