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Friday, October 19, 2007

~Raya Fun Day..~

What have you done on your Raya Day??? Of course, for Muslim friends, they are celebrating their BIG day.. What about others? Do you visit ur Muslim friends' houses for makan-makan? Or you spent ur time with family & friends? Hmm.. I hv a great Raya Fun on last Saturday!.. Dated my colleagues to have a Sing K session @ Neway, One U.. This is not the 1st time we hang out BUT this time, we got the most number of ppl to join!.. We have 3 Team Leaders.. Jay, David & JyaHui.. Then we have all good singers!!.. (except me ar!..) We have The Old Ones, CK as well as 2 Spice Girls, Brenda & AhYeong.. HaiYo.. Lama tak nyanyi! Practice 1st.. La la la la la la la la la~~~~~~~~

It was the early session which started at 11am to 1pm~ It provides 1 drink + 1 set lunch~ And it only costs RM14++! Yeah.. Sound so nice right? So cheap~ Yet, the food sucks.. And 2 hours of singing!??! You can imagine.. It is really NOT SUFFICIENT at all!!.. =P Anyhow, it is still cheap, we only spent RM17 per person for this Sing K session..

I have never expected that they all really like to sing so much just like I do!.. Haha~ Except Ms JyaHui who paid just to sit there and enjoy the set lunch + the drink~ She didn't even sing a NOTE with us! She said she cant sing.. OMG~ We all CANT SING as well la wei.. Haha!.. But I guess she still enjoyed listening to Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys & Leo Ku geh~~~ =P

Eventhough it was just a 2-hour session~ Yes, very short.. Yet, we have fully utilised these 2 hours.. Every single minute and second.. We were singing and singing and singing!.. Haha~ Especially that Celion DeYeong~~ Gosh.. Almost 300% contribution!.. She knows almost all the songs!.. Okie.. Not ALMOST~ Is ALL the songs!.. Male Female Group Chinese English.. Very da Karaoke Queen!.. =P Besides, we have 1 suprise guest.. Mr David~ He didn't join us sing.. He was there late and just having fun listening us yelling in the small room.. Haha!..

After the Sing K session, it was still early~ Just 1pm ma.. So, we decided to continue the Raya Fun with Bowling session!.. We were very excited cos almost all of us have not played bowling for long time!.. I, myself haven't thrown the balls into the longkang for ages!.. Hehe~ Before the game started, we took few pictures 1st.. Nothing special.. Just to show how "student" look AhYeong is.. Hahahaha! Btw, she actually paid under student-rate wor!.. Ish~ So angry!.. =P

It was really fun to play bowling, u know? No matter you are expert to aim directly to those pins or aiming to the longkang, it was still fun to be witnessed!.. Hahaha~ Of course, I am not the Longkang King for the day.. But we have the same person for Karaoke Queen as well as LongKang Queen!.. Yeah, Ms Celine DeYeong again!.. Cheng Cheng Cheng!.. LoL Besides, the winner of the day was Mr David!.. 2nd Runner Up.. Brenda!.. Wow!.. They are real good ok? =P As for myself.. Tengok mood lor.. Sometimes can be very geng but sometimes, just SUCKS!.. I also dunno how to control my own performance~

Well, bowling is a very fascinating and interesting game for me.. It can make u feel soooooooo exhausted with just few steps and by throwing the balls~ Yet, you will get more excited game by game and feel like just continue bowling till the end of the day!.. Haha~ But the charges are quite expensive.. So, we only played 2 games!.. RM6 per game + RM2 per shoes rental.. 2 games = RM14 per person!..

Enjoyable day of Raya~ It's kinda fun to hang out like this.. We get to eat sing drink and bowl!.. Haha~ Altogether.. We spent about RM31 per person for this Raya Fun Day~ Quite cheap right? Yeah.. Worth it man.. Hahaha! I believe everyone of us did enjoy much that day~ =D Now looking forward to our Division Dinner on November for Boogie Nite theme.. Anyone has costumes of the 70's?????... Please buzz me! I need them now! Hahaha~ Thanks in advance!..

Jason Siah
11.15am 19th October 2007


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