Name: Jason Siah Chin Hon Birthday: 30th August 1982 Gender: Male Occupation: Customer Service Officer My place: Rawang

Saturday, October 06, 2007

~Little Story from J..~

At last.. I am fully recovered!.. Erm.. okok.. 90%!.. Still hv cough and flu.. Abit!.. Hahaha! But well, I am good enough to go Fitness First for body jam class!!.. I am really happy!.. Haha! Cos I can dance.. Yeah!.. It was really a great time doing gym for almost 1 hour.. And then I prepared myself for Body Jam!.. Everyone was inside the class ald.. Ken, the instructor was there as well.. He was on the stage already and trying his IPOD.. Then suddenly!.. BLACKOUT!.. Yes!.. BLACKOUT!.. The whole Fitness First.. Dark~

Then.. We get to know. It's the whole building of The Curve!.. Not only Fitness First!! What?! I have been waiting for so long and now u tell me I cannot dance!?!.. Oh!.. That was really disappointing!.. Feel sooooo down man!!!... Well, we got nothing to do but we do not wish to give up so fast.. So, we waited in the dancing room with the instructor!.. Haha!.. There, something made me happy geh~ Which I got the chance to chat more with my new friends of Body Jam class.. They are Simon & Colin.. Yes, Colin.. Not Jolin ar.. Wahahahaha!..

We chatted for more than half an hour.. And then.. Suddenly, the electricity came back!!!!!.. YooHoo.. But it's already more than half an hour.. Do we still get to dance? Yeah!.. The instructor is nice enough.. We danced for 45 minutes!.. Eventhough less 15 min but we were damn satisfied cos all the dances were really nice and cool!.. I just love it!..

I met with Shaz in the changing room!.. What a surprised?! We chit chat for a while.. Then we taken some pic in front of Cineleisure.. Haha!.. Ya, I also dunno why he wanna take pic.. But well, kinda nice to meet in such a co-incident.. So, I feel glad too.. Already dated him for movie coming Monday as I am on Annual leave!.. Yippie!.. Which movie? He said Knocked Up~ But let's see how.. haha!..

On the way back home.. Just came out from Rawang Toll.. It was very jam~ Then only realized.. A lorry was sleeping at the roadside.. Haha!.. Sleeping? Look at the picture urself lor!...

Just finished my dinner with family.. Sis brought Lifu back.. So, we had a pleasant dinner together.. And now.. Sitting in front of my laptop.. Blogging.. Chatting.. Later.. What else? Watch drama lor!.. OMG.. So boring!.. Wahahahaha!.. Ok ciaoz~

Jason Siah
6th October 2007


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